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Conversations with Leah Luv- final; "I don't miss the business enough to go back"

"The people in this business are just lunatics in one way or the other"

--Gene Ross

Porn Valley- Leah Luv is cute, smart, has a great body and a tongue like a razor. I had a conversation with Luv the other night. She's now working for Anarchy, has pretty much given up working in front of the camera and is now directing for the company. Luv was extremely candid in her comments, almost to the point where I have to offer a disclaimer- especially when Luv gets on the subject of her former friend Hillary Scott.

Luv has been keeping busy working in the Anarchy office and the first movie she directed for the company, Leah Luv: Sweet, My Ass, got "an amazing review" from AVN, she states. She's about to shoot Part 2. Perhaps the end of this month. Besides that Luv's helped Johnny Thrust direct a movie called Booty and The Geek. Luv is laughing as we speak.

"You should see what I'm driving," she says. "I look like a dude. I'm driving around in this big ol' monster truck 4x4 with dirt tires. It's huge. It's ridiculous. It's too big. But I love rolling in this big ass truck. It's fun for me."

As far as performing, not driving, Luv said she's done except for a couple of scenes for Anarchy.

"But I don't have any intent on coming back to the business as a performer," she says. Luv concedes that people will find that hard to believe and she was even told that by the people at Anarchy.

"They said I was good at what I did and I was going to help the company. But even if I wanted to go back to performing, they would find a reason to keep me there because I'm a big asset, now." The last scene Luv shot was about a month ago. After that she called Gold Star and asked them to take her off the site that she was done.

"I decided I was done with it, I'm not going back and I don't foresee a reason for me to go back," states Luv. "I'm financially stable. I'm doing good. I'm happy. I'm very intelligent. I'm going to go to school for interior design and criminal law."

"What does that mean- that you're going to put sofas inside jail cells?" Luv is asked.

"No, curtains," Luv chuckles. "They have nothing to do with each other. My outlook on it is when you go to school you randomly select what you want to study. I don't want to get stuck in a position where I choose criminal law and have to deal with a crime scene, can't stomach it and decide to quit. And then I don't have anything to back me. I want to study a couple of different majors- that way I'll always have something to fall back on. I have a degree now- I just want more. It's business-clerical. It's like what I do at Anarchy but a little more integrated. I type 91 words a minute. I know Microsoft- filing, secretarial, legal documents, that kind of stuff."

Her reasons for getting into the business go beyond the standard fan answer, Luv says.

"I had a kid when I was 17 and I had cancer. I had a lot of health issues. I was already a stripper and figured I was pretty much selling my ass anyway and that it wouldn't hurt to take it a step further. It might actually help me to fix my situation. Which it most certainly did. I have definitely taken care of a lot of my health issues. I've had my cancer treated. I had a partial hysterectomy. I did everything I needed to do. I moved into a nice neighborhood. I got a car and got myself situated to where my son is set for his life. I'm healthy."

"I tried to get out of the gutter not into it," Luv adds. "I started off on the wrong foot and ended up on both feet. I think the business has been very positive for me. I can't honestly say that porn is a bad industry and I can't say I don't like the people in the business and that I don't miss the business. Honestly I do but I don't miss it enough to go back."
Luv said she's asked other people, out of curiosity, their reasons for getting into the business.

"I wanted to see where other girls are mentally. They're like oh I love to fuck- I'm sexy- then go work for Victoria Secret if that's the case, girl. At least you're not going to worry about HIV over there." Luv suspects the public persona is of people in the business being mentally unstable.

"That's an insider's point of view as well," she adds.

"I don't see a lot of stable people in this business- mentally, not physically, not financially- mentally. The people in this business are just lunatics in one way or the other. We can go to the most intellectual people that are just mentally unstable. Hell, I'm unstable. There's also a lot of nice people in this business and a lot of people really willing to help you when you need help. There are people that are a lot of fun to be around and party with and hang out with away from the business. I've made some good friends in this business that I think are going to be lasting friendships."

Luv's history with Anarchy began with a non-exclusive contract.

"I was asked what are my goals- I said I don't want to sell my ass for a living. I said I wanted to make money and to feel self confident and happy. I said I wanted to produce, I want to own my own company, I don't want to be in front of a camera all day long selling my ass. That's not what I want to do. I want use my brains here, not my ass."

Luv, in turn, was offered an opportunity to direct. Her first title sold very well with great reviews. With a company reorganization, Luv was also offered a chance to work in the office.

"Okay, but I can't do it full time with the amount of money you're going to pay me," Luv told the company.

"I have to support my family." Luv worked several months part time and when it was realized how great a job she was doing, a better offer was put on the table.

"I said if you're willing to pay me this figure monthly, I'll continue to work here," Luv told them. "It turned into a full time job and I'm really happy. Just everyone is like brothers and sisters. It's like family and I get along with everyone. It's a nice environment to work in and I'm much happier. I love it."

"If you're going to write a book about this business, what would some of the dramatic chapters be about?" she's asked.

"I would have to say relationships, drugs, alcohol and money," is her reply. "This business is kind of like rock n' roll. I had relationships that went bad. I never got intimate, really, with anyone inside the industry, though. I've always tried to keep it away from the business. And I found that does not work. Men on the outside don't want to wake up in the morning and in the back of their minds, go, hmm, my girlfriend's getting gangbanged by six black guys today. I'm four inches long and they're all 14-inches long. And I wonder if I satisfy her and my dick is big enough for her. It's human nature to have all of those questions when one party is out selling their ass for a living even though a lot of people in this business don't like to word it that way. But that's what it is. You go to work. You take your clothes off. You bend over. You shove a dick up your ass. You get a paycheck and go home. What do you call it? Selling your ass, maybe?"

Luv dated one guy in porn- Van Damage.

"He's a really great guy and I love Van to death," she says. "Always have. I have nothing bad to say about him. He's an amazing person. A great personality, a great character, just fun-loving, great to be around. But Van is an older man and I have a little boy. And Van has had his fair share with kids and wives an so forth. You can't try and make a grown man settle down."

Luv's also willing to concede that you can't have a serious relationship in porn and expect a commitment and settle down.

"It's not one of those kinds of lives," she sighs. "But I wouldn't say I've had anything dramatic in this business other than Hillary Scott. That was the only drama I've had in this business other than people love to catch you when you're drunk and take pictures of you. They did that to me a lot. And I'm not an alcoholic but if I go to a club and drunk it's guaranteed I'm going to get fucked up because I came to get fucked up. That's what I went to the clubs for. I'm a single mother. I have a grown kid and I want to relax, chill out and remember that life is actually fun sometimes. So I would go out and party. People would take pictures of me smashed when my eyes were crossed and I couldn't see straight. But I never got into the drug scenario. I saw a lot of other people go through stuff, though."

"Since you brought her up, you and Hillary Scott were pretty good buddies at one time."

"Hillary and I don't talk at all," says Luv. "We don't communicate at all. I'm really glad to hear that she's going back to Chicago because her daughter might actually get to know who her mommy is."

"I thought she had this million dollar contract with SexZ Pictures," I tell Luv.

"I don't think it's true," Luv answers. "I read it on Adultfyi but from my personal opinion, Hillary doesn't have the strength to stay under contract for five years. Her asshole and her pussy aren't going to last another five years because they're blown out now and it's only been a year and a half. I don't see her asshole holding up. It's disgusting now and she already has odor problems [this is the first I've heard of this] down there and most of the performers in this business don't want to work with her. No matter how expensive her contract is, they can't force a guy or a girl to want to have sex with her. Even when I was her best friend, prior to the fight, she was on my no list. When your best friend is on your no list you can't expect other people to want you on your yes list."

According to Luv, what prompted their blow out is the fact that Scott came over to her house one night in July, 3:30 in the morning.

"I had company and she's a very jealous, very feisty brat," Luv contends.

"She wasn't happy with the fact I had company. So she threw a little hissy fit. I told her I'm leaving so you can either go to bed or you can stay. I don't give a shit but I'm not dealing with your attitude. She was like fuck you, you're a fucking bitch, you're a fucking cunt. She said Brandon Iron was coming to get her. I asked her how long is it going to be before he gets here? She goes, soon; she rolls her eyes at me and snapped her hand around like a little black girl.

"I said that doesn't work for me. I need a time frame. I'm not going to sit around and wait on somebody who may not be here in an hour, I don't know. Give me a time frame. She said, fuck you. I don't have to give you shit, I'll wait outside. I said that's perfect. My company got ready to go so I'm like, let's go. She goes, fuck you, bitch. I'm not waiting outside in the cold. Keep in mind this is July 11th, 2006 and four in the morning. At midnight it was 104 degrees. Do you think it got cold in those four hours? She was wearing a skimpy little dress so it couldn't have been too cold."

According to Luv, Scott then went off on her.

"Her little ass comes off my couch and gets right in my face," Luv continues. She and Scott began arguing about whose face whose ass was in.

"She pushed me- that was it. But I brushed it off," states Luv. "I let it go because she was my best friend. And I'm not one to hurt my friends. I went to swing on her and she grabs me by my hair. I picked her up, carried her across my house, slammed her up against the wall; and I body slammed her on the floor. I jumped on top of her and my friends started pulling me off her. I then swung on my friend and hit him in the mouth. I'm like get off of me, dude, I'm going to whip her ass. I started to get ghetto. As he let me go, Hillary looked like a lizard, she took off out the front door leaving her purse, her credit card, passport, everything on my couch."
Scott came back later for her things and asked Luv if she was now going to talk to her "or not."

"I was, like, 'or not.' I'm going to say the same thing to you I said last night- get the fuck out of my house, bitch. She tried to step up to me again and I jumped at her. I was, like, guess what bitch- nobody to pull me off of you this time. You want to fight now? Let's fucking go. I jumped at her and she hauled ass out the door. Then she turned around and said, it's so pathetic that you have to act this childish. You should get over it.

"Get over it? Have you lost your fucking mind? This little girl is 5'1". She's an 82 pound, anorexic little tweaker and has the nerve to tell me to calm down? I'm 5'7" and 138 pounds. I'm like, dude, you're really pushing the wrong buttons here, bitch. Because wherever you were raised in some trailer park on the east coast, I was raised in downtown LA by myself on the street. I will beat your ass then I'll tell my homegirls to come over here and beat it again. You're in my territory. If I was in Chicago I could see you talking shit. But right now you're in LA and you've got nobody to back you up. And this whole city has got my back."

"Hillary should go back to Chicago and let her daughter meet her mother," Luv suggests. "Because she's pathetic and she's letting some drug addict take care of her daughter while he pawns her off on his mom and dad. You chose to be a mom but you ran away from that. Why don't you quit only caring about yourself and put some consideration to things that are more important in life?"

All of that being said, Scott began crying, according to Luv, with her asking Luv how could she use her child against her.

"I was like, fuck you. How dare I? How dare you. At least my son knows who is mother is. When I go home at night I go home with a little boy. I don't go home by myself, get fucked up, sniff coke and smoke meth and be a crackhead."

Luv said she made an attempt to get the friendship back on the rails.

"But she continued to push me," says Luv. "It got to the point where I told her I don't owe you anything. But according to the rest of the business I put her out at 4 in the morning in the cold naked and drunk and I'm a horrible person."

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