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Barbie Cummings is Now Blowing Her Dog

"a lot smoother than any mans dick," she says

--on the web

Barbie Cummings writes on I wanted to write share with you all my first web cam fuckin'!

I don't know what came over me yesterday, but I was extremely aroused! I went to the doctor early in the morning, where it was made I was clean as a whistle for my trip to Los Angeles. I remember, when the doctor places his two lubed fingers in between my thighs, in between my pink lips, I got turned on.

I was hoping he had noticed, while he was feeling around in there, how wet it was getting.

My doctor knows what I do for a living, and it doesn't seem to phase him it all. He is nothing like the nurses at the health department, suggesting I explore other career options.

Either way, I started receiving text messages early, from a local friend. He was telling me where he wanted to cum; on me, in me, etc. I got so horny, I rubbed one out right there in the doctors office. He left to do something, and I just couldn't help it. I had to.

I got home from the doctor, and was all alone. I was chatting it up on Yahoo Messenger, talking to my boss man, Billy Watson. Billy is in France, I am stuck in good old Tennessee.

So, I got home and decided I would be a little naughty on cam, for my fans! I was naughty. It started with the normal naked masturbation. I then had Fifi(my Pomeranian) performing also. I have trained her to be a good little slut, just like me. I laid back and let her lick my pussy juices from me.

Then, I started with Boozer. Boozer is only 6 months old, not really all there when it comes to sex drive. I did however get a little excited, enough to put his "lipstick" in my mouth~! It tasted marvelous, and I was so fucking horny. There is something about a dog dick, it's wonderful.

It is smooth, a lot smoother than any mans dick. It is softer, but still firm enough. It has a mild taste, nothing more than that. It feels wonderful up again your lips, with the fur brushing on your nose as you go down!

Then, I started with the golden showers. My boss was guiding me in this. He had me get the lighting good, so the stream coming from my pussy was in perfect view.

I squatted over a bowl, and pissed in it. As I was pissing I would reach under me, in my stream and rub what I could get on me, or put it in my mouth. Then, with a full bowl I would drink my urine, or put it in my mouth and slowly spit it up to see it glisten as it ran over my breasts. I then took the bowl and slowly dumped it on me, it was warm and so wonderful!

I was really horny, and was needing some cock. So, I had called a couple of people, neither of which were close. I then get a random call from an acquaintance I didn't really know. He knew I lived out in West Knoxville, and he was driving through. I asked him if he wanted to come fuck me on cam.

He said yes.

So, I had him over and I immediately started sucking his dick, like a good whore!~

We fucked, I let him in ass and in my flower. He got every hole yesterday, while my boss and fans watched. I loved it. I worked for his cum, and took a wonderful facial!

xoxo... I hope you enjoy!

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