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Carmen Hart Visits PrimeTimeUncensored - final

--Gene Ross

Porn Valley- Wicked Pictures' Carmen Hart's got this twang like a banjo hoedown. So Hart, who's generally cast as some type of hillbilly, was happy to land a role in a movie where she didn't have to play another reincarnation of Elly May Clampett.

"They can't get past the fact that I have a country accent," Hart laughs. "I'm always playing someone from Georgia or Texas. [Even though she's from North Carolina.]

Hart who appeared on James Bartholet's PrimeTimeUncensored, show Monday night explained that jessica drake [posed with Hart] had written the movie which is titled, Just Between Us.

Just between her and Bartholet, Hart also wanted to make sure- before the show- that Bartholet wasn't going to pull out surprise dildos. Hart, who sounds like a good sport, was alluding to some radio appearance she made recently where that happened.

Explaining that it was drake's first screenplay, Hart said it was a demanding role for her and required her to touch some nerve endings.

"It called for me to cry and be in pain," says Hart. "It's the first time I've done anything dramatic."

Hart explains how she has no problems having sex on camera, that she could be in downtown LA naked on a swing for all that mattered and it wouldn't bother her. But the fact that she had to shed tears was something a bit stronger and more demanding. Hart said what she also likes about Wicked movies is that they're very passionate.

"You're a great actress but you're not getting enough credit," Bartholet seems to think. "Am I blowing smoke up your ass?"

Bartholet also wanted to know if Hart were horny at the moment.

"I could be," she answered.

Hart explained how she got started in adult, that she was doing some web content then landed a scene in a gonzo movie for New Sensations. Knowing that it was her audition, in a sense, for Wicked, Hart said she was showing off although the scene itself didn't go so well.

"It wasn't magic. But with Wicked I make magic."

[Hart didn't amplify the "it wasn't magic" part, but in a past KSEX interview, she was way more descriptive,

"This is one instance of how people are suck-ass in the porn industry," announced Hart. "No one knew I was a Wicked contract girl. No one knew I was in the works of making a contract. I did a scene with New Sensations as a test run while we were talking about signing. The thing was Mark Ashley- he's a dick. I was supposed to do a scene with him that day. What happened was I knew I was going to get this contract so I had to do the best scene I could possibly do. Well the guy who was running the camera was going to be one of the people that went back to Steve O to say she was this, she was that.

"We're doing the scene, and beforehand, he's [Ashley] got long hair and I was like, can I pull your hair? He goes yeah. I go, can I bite your nipples or smack your ass? Whatever. He's, yeah, yeah, yeah. I was, I'm kind of rough and he goes, oh, yes. Fine. Apparently I go to pull his hair in the scene and I'm biting his nipple and smacking him on the ass. Whoooooo! I'm having fun because I like to fuck, you know what I'm sayin'? The camera just happened to be in the motherfuckin' room, you know what I mean? His dick went from this to this after I pulled his hair. So he totally lost wood because I was punkin' him out. After he said it was cool for me to pull his hair and smack his ass, he couldn't stay hard.

"So he gets all this big ego-attitude and walks off set," Hart continued. "He goes to try to straighten his problem out. I'm sittin' there buck naked on the couch with my legs spread open and the guy running the camera is, whatever. So he [Ashley] comes back in cussin': 'First you tell me to fuckin' do this, then you tell me to do that.'

"To help him get wood- when the cameras not rollin'- he just comes over where I'm at and just shoves his fuckin' fingers in. I'm whoa, whoa, whoa, hey, buddy! It's just, like, hey, she's a blow up doll. I can fuck her and do whatever I want. No. I was, like, dude. I'll look into your eyes. I'll masturbate for you, but if the camera ain't rollin', your job is to keep your own dick hard."

Hart said she wasn't being a bitch because she had to save face for "the guy that was running the show".

"Because he was going to go back and say something," stated Heart. "He [Ashley] couldn't get his dick hard. He didn't even want to finish the scene."

Hart said she took the initiative to talk to Ashley.

"Look, let's just finish the scene- I'll make love to you like it's the best dick in the goddamn' world. let's just get it over with. And he still couldn't do it, like he wasn't professional enough to do it."

Hart said the funny part of the story came when they were re-touching her makeup and trying to find someone to replace Ashley.

"I'm having to start a scene all over again after getting fucked the first time." Hart said Ashley was replaced by Mr. Pete.

"And he was doing a scene that day- they called Mr. Pete in, and he comes up to me and the woman who's running the show is saying, Carmen, can you work with Mr. Pete? I was, like, yeah, I'll work with anybody. And they bring him in and she said explain to Mr. Pete what you were just saying. I was, like, look, I just want you to keep your own wood. You know what I'm sayin'? I mean, come on, now. In between scenes it's your job to fuckin' keep your dick hard. I'm here to fuck the cock, you keep the cock hard. He looks at me, right in front of my face, made me feel like shit, nah, nah, nah: 'I ain't workin' with her. I ain't doin' that shit.'

"And now because I'm a Wicked girl, he walks up to me and is, like, I'm wondering if I can do a scene with you? Yeah, like you completely forget, pal. I was sittin' there in the middle of trying to get a contract and, literally, with everyone in the room, I'm I'll work with you, just keep your own dick hard. He's like, nah. I'm not fuckin' working with her. He said that right in front of my face. Now he kisses my ass. 'Hey, Carmen, hey baby, how about givin' me a hug? Whoa, it's been so fuckin' long.']

Bartholet was curious about Hart's ethnicity, suspecting that she could be taken for Asian or a Latina. Hart said she was a full-blooded Native American from the Lumbee tribe.

"There are some beautiful women in my tribe," she states, claiming she'd be out of business if any of them decided to get into porn.

Bartholet also asked Hart about reports in the news of how DVD sales have slackened.

"I think free content is part of the problem," says Hart, noting that she's also in the middle of a legal battle with the owners of which is not her site. Hart also mentioned that she's got a cameo in a mainstrem movie titled One Eyed Monster which is expected to go to the Sundance Film Festival. Hart, who likes doing comedies, said she got the part through Ron Jeremy.

During the interview, Hart also related a story about how her cable guy got creepy with her during a visit. Evidently he recognized her, but Hart was more concerned with the fact that he now had her real name and phone number on his work order.

"He knew who I was and I was trying to ignore him," adds Hart. "He's starting to talk about how he wants to be a porn director. And he's stammering, 'It's you. It's you!' He was shaking and nervous."

Bartholet recalled a similar instance where Eva Angelina had been stalked by a DWP worker.

Hart, who's had experience with a psychotic ex-boyfriend, announced the fact that she's licensed to pack heat. But Bartholet, more interested in what was coming out of her throat than a gun barrel, asked Hart to perform something.

"She's got a great voice," said Bartholet. And Hart complied with an impromptu rendition of "At Last," the Etta James classic. Hart announced that there'd be a porn movie project featuring her singing from four to six songs.

"Great singing and great screwing," she smiled.

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