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Brian, Aka Plus One, Rehabilitated Alright; He's Picked Up By the Cops

--Gene Ross

Porn Valley- Today on there was a story about the great social transformation Brian Lee Kissinger, aka Plus One, has made. In fact, Sunday afternoon while I was over at Jerry's Deli in Woodland Hills I ran into Brian and got some of that social transformation first hand.

It was during this conversation at Jerry's that Brian told me, among other things, that he was running Torrid Films for Keith O'Connor

Then Sunday night Brian called to invite me to lunch at Jerry's for Monday. Monday I call Brian to confirm and he doesn't pick up the phone. An hour later I leave him a message saying I was over at Jerry's and should I leave him the tab. I was being sarcastic.

Here's why Brian never showed up. He got picked up by the Santa Clarita cops this morning [som I'm told] about the time I was trying to contact him. Monday night I talked to a person I'll refer to as "home owner".

Among his various exploits in recent months, Brian apparently caught a possession, meth amphetamine case. Right off, this would tell you that he's not as clean and sober as he'd like you to believe. It was also about this time that Brian contacted home owner and asked if he could let him stay at his house just for a little awhile because he had no place to go. This was in the beginning of June.

Home owner told him, sure, he's not there that much. And Brian was pretty much given the run of the house. Bad idea. It was sometime during this period that home owner got a call from someone in the business saying that Brian had offered to sell him a Sony FX-1 camera. Except the person buying the camera was at the home owner's house looking at it.

It was there that Brian claimed he bought the house with everything in it and offered the camera as part of a yard sale. This being news to the home owner, he subsequently checked to discover that all his cameras were also gone. As well as missing checks. Not content on just selling cameras that didn't belong to him, Brian apparently stole a couple of business checks, and forged them, one to Dominoes; another to a limo driver. One of the checks was for $25; the other for $40.

During the course of his ride in the limo, Brian told the driver whom he stiffed, that he needed to find a pawn shop to hock a camera. Brian also managed to steal the home owners Corvette and sustain about $5200 worth of damage to it. Except Brian told the cops he borrowed it. He also told the cops he was going to be sold the Corvette and was picking up the lease payments.

In a case not connected to this one, Brian allegedly stole checks from another person, did an identity theft on them; and allegedly stole jewelry plus collectibles.

For now the charges keep piling. Brian already committed a felony while on felony bail. And, on top of that, he didn't pay the bondsman the premium. As of Monday night Brian was in custody for forgery, fraud, residential burglary and auto theft.

And here's a story thrown in for added amusement. The home owner has someone knock on his door one night asking for Brian.

"I'm here to pick up the clock," says the guy. The home owner says what clock. The guy refers to a seven foot tall Grandfather clock in the foyer, claiming that Brian had sold it to him for $500. Brian apparently took $200 down and the guy came to pay the rest and take the clock. I'm also told that, in the house, a lot of wires were disconnected to one computer which was apparently earmarked for sale; as well as stereo and theater components.

Then, adding insult to injury, Brian charged $218.20 for cable to get porn movies: Pirates [twice]; Interracial Frenzy, Black Boom Boom 5; Black & White; Craving Big Ones 11; Top Ten Group Sex; Crank Wide; and Extreme Latinas Four-Pack. The gas bill was also jacked up to the tune of $350 when Brian decided that the outdoor pool needed heating.

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