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Kim Chambers Visits KSEX; "Most people in Porn Don't Want to Be There" - final

--Gene Ross

Porn Valley- Kim Chambers is driving to the Valley from Redondo Beach. On a Friday afternoon no less. She's running late, as you might expect. So KSEX host Jason Sechrest,, playing for time, grabs a mike, goes off in a corner and sings a tune. For someone who's never had vocal training, Sechrest is pretty good. [Sechrest says he taught himelf by singing to massive Carnegie Hall audiences in his head.]

The only thing missing, though, in the curren presentation is the pinky ring, tuxedo and the Dean Martin hair.

It's happy hour on KSEX, with Sechrest affording himself an opportunity to plug another of his weekly appearances. The latest one finds Sechrest and his piano accompanist Dr. James Lent appearing at here Lounge in West Hollywood. They'll be hosting what's billed as the "Porn Star Games"

Sechrest said he was dedicating the musical review, a festive duet of honky tonk, to Consuela and Marie, the purported cleaning ladies over at KSEX.

But, for now, Sechrest is doing seven gigs a week; and Lent, according to Sechrest, is a doctor of music. And Chambers who's just lugged her enormous jugs into the studio is saying she's also a doctor of something. I didn't quite hear what the something part was, but Chambers also delivers impassioned motivational speeches and teaches people how to heal themselves from within. She also writes columns and has a radio show.

Before she got there, Sechrest was also telling his audience about how Monstar, Courtney Cummz' publicist was pissed off at him because he referred to her in some press release as either Quarantine Cummz or some fractured derivation of the name Courtney.

"I'm sorry, moonman," Sechrest apologized profoundly.

Sechrest then went on to explain why Chambers couldn't be with him the week before - because of problems with her server.

"I thought that was men feeding her grapes," joked Sechrest until he realized she was talking about her website. Then he discussed the e-mail exchange he had with Chambers.

"I said we really missed you and couldn't wait to have you back," continued Sechrest.

"I said it would be great if you re-scheduled because we've promoted you for two weeks."

According to Sechrest he was taken aback somewhat when Chambers e-mailed saying there was no need to belabor the fact that she was unable to be on the show the week before and to give her the address that she'll be there. With her comments coming off like that, Sechrest was wondering what kind of mood Chambers would show up in because he only knew her as the sweetest and nicest person going.

And with the type of build she now possesses, Sechrest compared her to a bodybuilder chick in a novella and hoped his fate wouldn't be similar to one of the victims in those stories.

Sechrest announced that he was also going to ask Chambers about what happened between her and Scott Styles and also brought up the fact that Chambers and I had been engaged- probably the shortest betrothal on porn record.

Interestingly, Chambers version of events was precisely the one I had- rare in the recapitulating of porn history.

Chambers is no longer performing, and Sechrest asked what she didn't miss about porn.

"The suitcase pimps and the long hours on the set," was her reply.

As Chambers described how she was a doctor of sex or something to that effect, Sechrest thought, besides the fact of her having a Jennifer Aniston-thing going, what she's accomplished was pretty impressive considering the fact she grew up in a crack house.

Chambers described the fact that her father had been a multimillionaire and that she grew up having servants.

"I went from having maids and a butler to scrubbing floors," Chambers related. "I ended up in a group home." She also explained that she hadn't talked to her father in over fifteen years.

"Then I learned he was dying- he was living in China and I flew there." According to Chambers, she wrote her father a beautiful letter saying that she forgave him.

At one time or another, Chambers said she had been addicted to crack, alcohol, sugar and wheat. Chambers hasn't been on crack for 15 years but her food addiction, according to her, helped her understand where her father had been coming from.

Asked if she was still addicted to anything, Chambers said it was meditation. And a couple of years ago she tried Ecstasy.

"That gave me a lot of energy."

For his part, Sechrest said he gets his highs from Skittles and Mountain Dew.

Bringing up Scott Styles, Sechrest said he never figured the two of them to break up.

"I wanted to be out of the business and he wanted to be in it," Chambers commented simply, although the reasons behind the statement got a bit more involved than that as Chambers and Sechrest became entwined in a form of psychobabble about growing together, growing apart, interdependence, etc.

Chambers said she and Styles had been together every day for seven years and that the love had certainly not worn off.

"One of the most difficult things is to break up," she says. "Words can't describe how good he was to me."

According to Chambers, the moment porn became work, she was done with it.

"When you're done with something in your life, you're done," she declares. "But I never did anything I didn't want to do."

Nevertheless, Chambers said she and Styles live about a mile apart and that she had given him their house in the divorce settlement.

According to Chambers, she also had to learn to stop comparing other men to Styles, himself a former rocket scientist.

"No one would win," she said in that comparison. "But leaving him was not a mistake; it was one of the best things I've ever done." Chambers continues to live in Redondo Beach because it's beautiful, she says.

As Sechrest waxed on with the Chinese fortune cookie wisdom about keeping your work in the fun zone, Chambers said she gets paid for having an extraordinary life and that people in her inner circle are blessed- a comment Robert DeNiro may have made in Meet the Fockers.

"You have no idea what I do in a day," exclaimed Chambers, noting that she's up at 4 am beginning her work day.

"I'm excited, I'm never tired. I love what I'm doing. I'm in an excellent place now and it's all been good."

Sechrest recalled meeting Chambers from the Danni's Hard Drive days.

"She's a whore and not very nice," said Sechrest, describing its former owner Danni Ashe. Explaining what he meant by that comment, Sechrest, who used to work for the company, said Ashe would pull the wool over the eyes of the women who shot for her claiming they were getting exclusives but, in fact, Ashe was peddling the content all over the Internet.

"A lot of my friends got pised off," said Sechrest. "Jenna [Jameson] and Jill [Kelly]were livid." Sechrest recalled how Ashe stirred everyone on with the chant, "We girls are going to do this together."

"She became a greedy whore- now she can't have a baby. It's karma."

On another line of questioning, Chambers wanted to make it clear that although she's no longer taking it up the butt on camera, she wasn't entirely out of the business.

"I don't like to watch porn," she adds. "That's because most people in porn don't want to be there." Instead, Chambers said she preferred peeping in someone's window and watching couples getting it on in real time.

"I'm sick like that," she laughed, noting she had friends with a telescope and it wasn't about star gazing.

Chambers citied other reasons for no longer performing on camera including the fact she got tired of looking at her fat ass. The HIV scares also warded her off particularly the fact that her former roommate Barbara Doll came down with HIV.

For herself, Chambers said she doesn't like condoms and insists that her partners have HIV tests. For now she doesn't have fuck buddies and Chambers recalls an instance recently where she went without sex for a year.

"Although I masturbated 17 times over a two-day period," she announced. And Chambers also claims her keys to success involve visualizing her goals as she orgasms.

"Visualize while your cumming, and your dreams come true," she swears.

On the subject of anal sex, Chambers explained all the precautions.

"Because you don't want to fuck a shitball," she said.

And that's really worth visualizing.

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