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The Balls of Mikey Butders; "They're Like Ceramic Dolls," Says Jason Sechrest

--Gene Ross

Porn Valley- Jason Sechrest on KSEX last week had an agenda. Sechrest, who thinks Mikey Butders is "ridiculously hot," was bent on having a look at Butder's balls, reputed to be the biggest in the industry.

But because Gwen Diamond got caught in a scheduling snafu, Sechrest was denied. The idea was for Butders and Diamond to get it on live so Sechrest could offer an appreciative play by play.

Director Axel Braun brought Butders to the studio, Butders having just worked for him in a movie titled Fugly Betties- about boning unattractive women. Braun shot the project for Spice. And, according to Braun, the male performers working on that set thought it was a really hot idea.

"They were into it," said Braun. "It was like bringing a girl home from a Halloween party."

When it didn't look like Diamond or her last minute fill-in Brooke Scott was going to make it, Braun declared the situation, "a disaster."

[The story is that Diamond's coming in this Monday to make nice-nice.]

On the other hand, Braun had to agree with Sechrest's assessment regarding Butders.

"it's the biggest ball sac I've ever seen in my life," Braun commented.

"What's it about my balls?" Butders asked Sechrest.

"It's just that yours are beautiful," Sechrest replied, comparing them to ceramic dolls.

"They're precious things- a rare gem."

Butders who lived in South Beach for awhile and hails originally from Queens, NY., was described as "gay friendly" by Braun.

During the course of the show, Braun told a story about the time he, as a 23 year-old man, fucked his 67 year-old landlord.

"Pussy doesn't age," Braun insists. In a similar vein, Sechrest asked Braun if he had ever shot Lynn LeMay.

"Maybe I shot her in the head," Braun laughed.

Braun also talked about his pending divorce [from Jason Sinclair's sister]. Braun said they had been married five years but the marriage didn't work out.

"There was some stuff missing," he said. "There was no passion. I loved this girl more than anyone but at some point you just want to cuddle. It becomes a really strange thing."

Braun who's 41 and his ex, 26 was asked about kids. He said he doesn't want them.

Butders, who's 25, said he dated Rebecca Linares for awhile.

"But it was tough."

Asked if he was banging any porn chicks now, Braun said he isn't.

"I'm attracted to civilians who wear a lot of clothes," he added.

Again on the subject of his balls, Butders said people tend to know about them before they get to know him. According to Butders, his balls arrive on a set 20 minutes before he does.

Braun described how Butders does this trick where he swings his scrotal sac and hits himself in the back with it as it passes through his legs.

"Imagine when I'm 50 what they'd look like," quipped Butders who remembered porn performer Kelly Caulfied telling him on a Zero Tolerance shoot how his cock was also exquisite and excessively large.

Butders, who worked as a physical trainer before he got into porn, claims that a black man on MySpace one time offered $15,000 to have sex with him.

"Should I be flattered?" Butders wanted to know. Sechrest was of the opinion that Butders remain straight, and, ironically, Butders plays a gay guy in Fugly Betties.

Butders was raised Catholic, in a good home and had very good parents although he grew up in the ghetto. He attended St. John's Prep, and Butders appeared in his first scene about four years ago. He's been in over 200 movies since then.

Butders admits he's shot solo masturbation movies for Tina Tyler who directs the Handyman series. As Butders went about his business during the scene, Tyler offered to show him her tits if that would get him more motivated.

Sechrest felt there was nothing remotely gay about jacking off for a gay audience.

For his part, Braun claims he hasn't jacked off since 1981 and ascribed it to his being in juvenile for getting in a fight and stabbing someone. While confined, Braun said he would jack off upwards of seven times a day.

"That's all I did," he said. "But when I went home and tried to masturbate, I felt nauseated with a sense of despair."

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