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Conversations with "Cock Monger" Ava Devine- The Night Before Christmas Handjob Story- 12/24/07

--Gene Ross

Porn Valley- 'Twas the weekend before Christmas...

Okay, it's not the Red Ryder BB gun story that raconteur Jean Shepherd relates in the movie Christmas Story. But I'm on a Pussyman set Saturday afternoon, and Ava Devine's getting ready to do a scene.

Ava was just talking about how she manually released a bunch of autograph hounds during a Berlin show signing and got turned on by their pre-cum.

Figuring, okay, this is as good a time as any for an interview, Ava and I get out of the line of fire and go off to chat in a back room.

Some point during this interview her hands are crawling between my pants legs. I feel like I'm at a Berlin show. Then she reaches for the tumescent contours, and she feels nuts.

Ava begins playing with my dick as we conduct the following interview. Man, I'm proud of myself- just like Otto Bauer on KSEX- able to withstand a Q @ A while maintaining a hard on. Then she proceeds to suck my cock and, as you'll note, every bite with Ava is a sound byte.

Devine is Chinese-Italian. The Italian part comes from her father. And prior to getting into the adult business, she spent about ten years doing escort work. She started doing movies about five years ago.

"I started [movies] when I was 28- I started late of course," she says.

"A late bloomer but I think it worked as an advantage because through my younger years I was very experimental. That gave me an opportunity for my own needs, my own will and to venture on the sexcapades by my willingness."

Asked which laboratory she was doing all this experimenting, Devine says she got to learn about the male anatomy, the intricacies of her own, fetishes, points of view, techniques, and turn ons that many different people had. By and large, she learned a lot of this in Vegas hotel rooms.

"By the time I got into porn nothing was new or taboo or scary," she relates. "So if a director said, okay, you're going to fuck ten guys and eat 20 cumloads off the floor. I was, okay. It wasn't terrifying. I was aware of my sexuality and knew what I liked."

If she could find a turn off, Devine dislikes someone who's being cruel or really mean.

"If they're trying to hurt you," she adds. "There are some guys who want to dom a woman and they'll slap my face or be a bit rougher than necessary. I think maybe they just have anger or hatred. Then you're, like, this isn't fun any more. Other than that I'm very open minded and try to see eye-to-eye with people and try to put myself in their shoes."

As far as her own turn-ons, Devine's a size queen.

"I do love a nice fat dick," she laughs. "I like so many things. I like really horny guys. When someone's really excited, really turned on and really at the edge, that turns me on. That they're so pent-up and will explode at the slightest touch- that's a big turn on."

Devine had a friend who was always telling her that she should do porn.

"I love sex so much," she says. "I was escorting at the time and I saw the rates of porn stars- like $1500- and they weren't even doing half the things I did as an escort. I was like, what? I'm only getting half of what they get. So I said I'd put a few movies under my belt and throw it out there that I'm a porn star and charge these clients that amount. Also, I love big cock. So I was, like, where can I go to fuck big cock bare back? I want it raw. I want it raunchy and I want big dick. I want an endless limit of big cock. I said let's do it."

As an 18 year-old, Devine knew a lot of women who were escorting.

"I just broke up with a boyfriend and I was very sexual," she explains. "I was, oh, my God, I'd get to fuck so many guys. My friend said why don't you escort. What is that? I asked her. She said you go and you take care of a man and he'll pay you. So I said you mean to tell me that I can just play with a guy's cock and he'll pay for it? She's, like, pretty much. I didn't care. I just love men and cock. I love the whole sensuality and sexuality of a man."

"Which contradicts the notion of an escort," I remind her. "Most of them use that as a means to punish men by taking their money. They hate guys whereas you like them."

"I think that just worked in my favor," says Devine. "I'm, like, I get to play with your cock, make you cum and you're going to take care of me for that? This is my thing. A lot of girls will be, like, ugh. This guy's gross or that one's fat and smells. I don't care. A dick's a dick. And a lot of it is not only do you physically fuck, it's not so much jumping on a dick. It's mentally as well.

"You get to walk in a room, kind of feel up this guy and try and sum up in two minutes what his turn-ons are. You try to see eye-to-eye with him. You mentally fuck him as well as physical. If he's submissive, his body language is going to speak to you by the way he moves. Or sometimes he'll directly tell you. A lot of these guys aren't shy. And then you just roll with it."

I figure she must have had some bad experiences along the way, but Devine ignores that issue.

"I worked for a nice escort service," she points out. "And I worked in nice hotels. It wasn't like street walking. The hotels have security and a lot of guys don't want to act up in a hotel. You start screaming, whatever. A lot of these guys are married or are on vacation with their family and friends. So it's not that bad. Bottom line, everybody just wants to get off. When a guy cums, he's cool."

When she was ready to make the move into porn, a friend of a friend knew Derek from LA Direct.

"They were just starting and I got introduced," Devine relates. "When I met Derek and Mike Sullivan at the time, I was, you know what? I love men. I love to fuck. I'm wild, ready and want to do this. I don't discriminate. I just love to fuck. They were, like, okay. This girl seems like all-talk. I had really big tits at the time and a round ass. They said put your money where your mouth is."

Devine since then has sized down her jugs.

"Those were 1200's and F's," she continues. "They weren't uncomfortable. It's just that a lot of original clients I had from the topless parties I used to work at, were freaked out over it. Then at the time I entered the porn business, it was a lot of young, fresh, natural tits. It was the girl-next door-look. I thought I was in the wrong era whereas I grew up when everything was big tits. I guess it wasn't all about big, huge tits.

"And a lot of people were rude about it. They'd make rude comments, and it was a little uncomfortable. I wasn't getting a lot of work with it. But little did I know I reduced them too soon."

"Then when I reduced them, I tried to fix them," she adds. "This doctor fucked me up in 2005 and my tits have never been the same. They're pretty scarred up and smaller. But, hopefully, I'll get them redone. But it's going to take time because I've been through so many breast jobs that your skin can only take so much. And this doctor fucked me up where I had a bad infection in my breasts, tissue and skin."

Devine wound up doing her first scene on camera in Vegas for Evil Angel.

"When I first met the guy- Mr. Chris in Vegas- he was telling me and showing me what goes on in porn. And this is what they do. I was so excited. I saw a picture of a dick and I was, like, that's a nice picture. He goes that's me. I could not wait. And we did it. It was great. I just didn't realize there were so many positions.

"At first it felt like a customer who was trying to work you, trying to work you for the full hour. That's what it felt like at first. But I thought this is fun- lights, camera, action. And when you're done, it's another notch on my bed post. Another movie title. Everyone was so creative, like in this bukkake, they had me eating this cum burrito. Where do these people come up with these things?"

"And you get to seek out your deepest, darkest, fantasies too," Devine goes on to say. "Normally I won't let some guy chain me up and whip me. That's not really my forte. But during a scene I trust them. I know what they're doing. They know what they're doing. It's in a safe environment. They know how to tie you up. They know how to whip you the right way. Sometimes I even use my fantasies and live them through porn."

She hasn't done it, but Devine would like to be in the middle of an enormous anal gangbang.

"I would like to do that and I'd like to be with an hermaphrodite," she adds. "And I'd like to be with a transgender woman. And a father and son team."

Growing up, Devine was pretty sexual and had a very horny boyfriend to help her along life's sexual path.

"Otherwise I was a pretty normal kid," she states. "I grew up in Long Island, New York. I went to school, hung out with my friends. I was an okay student but sex was on my brain. I don't know why, either. I didn't come from a bad family or had been raped or molested as a child- thankfully, enough. But I was always intrigued with sex. I have older sisters and I'd hear them talk about stuff. And I'd watch a lot of soap operas or the Playboy Channel. I was highly influenced by that."

Devine first had sex at the age of 13 in a guy's house.

"I wanted it sooner," she comments. "All my friends had done it and they're, like, oh my God it hurts. I'm, like, I want to know. I want to know. I had always been I like kissing. I like fondling. I want to totally do this. Then when I did it, I did it with some guy who was a little bit older. And I was embarrassed because I was bleeding and I didn't want to tell him I was a virgin. I told him I think I just got my period."

"Then I hooked up with another boyfriend who was four years older than me. He had watched porn and masturbated a lot. He was so horny and we'd fuck all the time. We were a good match. We'd do anal and he'd cum in my face."

Devine thinks she was 15 when she first took it in the ass. She says the first few times hurt like a sonofabitch but that she wanted to do it.

"As I got older I kept experimenting with it," she continues. "A lot of guys like it, and it kind of got easy. So before I got into porn it was everyone's fucked me in the ass to get me ready for these anal movies I want to do. I was, let me practice. I would use any guy to fuck my ass just to get me used to it."

With this revelation it seems surprising that no producer has set up the kind of anal gangbang that Devine wants to do.

"That would be a big crowd pleaser," I suggest.

"I'd love that," Devine agrees. "Maybe when I start my website up I'll do many different things. It's going to be, but I want to do really creative things- like paraplegics, deaf guys, trannies, little people, gangbangs..."

"Life's misfits?"

"Or what people don't normally do," Devine replies. "Why not? They're human. They've got cocks, too. I like what everyone doesn't seem to like."

"I take that to mean circus clowns as well," I add.

"Why not? They have cocks? Let's do it," agrees Devine.

"Did you ever meet a cock you didn't like?"

"Yeah," says Devine. "But you know what? It's also who's attached to the cock."

"You seem so easy going. What would it take to piss you off?"

"I think someone who's being rude and mean," she replies. "Just a hurtful person. Someone who wants to be hurtful."

But it's hard to find people like that, she concedes, because there isn't a heck of a lot of things that Devine doesn't already want to it.

"How do you take advantage of a girl who's willing?"

"But it take two," says Devine. "I was never tricked or fooled into anything. And I also look at my life with no regrets. I did it willingly. I'm a mature woman."

At the time Devine was escorting, her parents had no clue about her entertaining clients between the sheets

"And they still don't," she laughs. As for her being a recognized porn performer, Devine's mother knows about it. Her father, being older, isn't into the Internet.

"And a lot of people when I'm out don't recognize me," Devine points out, noting that her mother's concern was that she be safe and careful.

"She worries about that and me not being fucked up on drugs or dead, diseased or beaten," she laughs. "As I long as I do that, she's okay."

As if it were ever a question, ,Devine also mentions the fact that she loves double anal.

"I love just the whole thought of two dicks in my hole," she says. "That two cocks are in my asshole, stretching it and are fucking me at the same time. It's very erotic, exotic, hot and nasty. It's very selfish and greedy. I'm such a cock monger and big cock whore that I have to have two dicks in my ass at the same time. I need it so bad. I love men. I love dick. I love getting fucked."

Before she got into the business, Devine never had the opportunity of two dicks in her ass simultaneously.

"In the real world people don't even think about these things," I point out.

"Even the D.P.'s it was difficult to do before I got started," Devine also points out. "Guys don't know how to anchor themselves and I didn't know, either. So I couldn't do one before I got into the business. I would try but you can't finagle it with guys who don't know what's going on."

Harkening back to her earlier comment about enjoying it bareback, I ask Devine about that.

"I love a good, fucking rock, cum-drippy dick," she says. "Fuck the rubber. Even though it's safe, that latex-rubber-lube-condom-tasting stuff. I want that fucking dick raw. I want you to feel all my crevices, all my tissue, all my wetness, my heat that's coming out of my holes. I want to feel every vein, every ridge on your cock. I want to feel your cum. I want to feel your pre-cum. I want to feel the wetness of my pussy slobbered all over your dick. I want to feel the self-lubricating juiciness of my asshole."

The same rules applied when Devine visited clients.

"The turn on for me was a girl who came to see you and might do it bareback if she really liked you," I tell Devine.

"Ohhhhhhh, mmmmmmmm," sighs Devine. "Or just some hot, passionate kissing and being thrown up against the wall and having your clothes ripped. When a client had this horny vibe about him it was on. Like if he was sucking on my pussy and the nectar was like peach juice- him sucking on it, slurping on it and his cock is dripping with pre-cum, then I'd get really excited."

Noting that Devine is one of the few women in the business who does more than besides talk a good game, she says, "I'm sorry. Cock is a beautiful thing. I want to feel flesh."

Off camera, Devine sees a few guys but no one serious.

"I like many men," she laughs.

"Does your Ava Devine-ness intimidate a guy?"

"It has, but I'm so down to earth," she answers. "Whoever I'm with, I'm with. I don't think about anything that's going on. I'm into you. I think once I got that tongue up someone's asshole and I'm fucking and giving him a rusty trombone, I think they tend to forget all the millions of cocks I've just had or been with.

"I'm milking that prostate, they think that bitch is down for me."

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