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Britney and Whitney Stevens Are Verified Sisters

--Gene Ross

Porn Valley- There seems to be some major debate as to whether Britney and Whitney Stevens are actually sisters.

ADT has been posting threads denying the fact. While someone from Gold Star Modeling e-mailed me to say they are step sisters. But the Stevens sisters are, in fact, sisters.

I talked to Donny Cabo Friday night. Cabo, who was on route to Las Vegas for a vacation, used to date Whitney Stevens. Up until a week ago, that is, and Cabo had this to say. Remember this is porn and nothing in porn approximates reality.

“I’ve known Whitney and Britney for a couple of years and I kept getting phone calls asking did you see this stuff on the ‘Net,” says Cabo.

“But they’re [fan posts] saying they’re not really sisters. The truth is I helped them get their passports and to obtain your passport you need your birth certificate. I’ve seen Whitney and Britney’s birth certificates.

"They both have the same parents. They really are sisters. They just have different last names. What happened at the hospital- because their parents are not very good parents and their dad wasn’t around - the parents had this plan and decided to use the mom’s last name for Whitney when she was born. So it would be a less expensive cost at the hospital. For birth or something.”

“I’ve spent so much time with those girls and have lived in Hollywood with both of them for seven months,” Cabo continues.

“I’ve heard their growing up stories. Like before they became whores. And the stories always involve the same parents. The dad wasn’t around much. He was from Canada, supposedly. People say they’re from Panama but that’s bullshit. They’re not Latin. They’re not Hispanic. The mom’s from Palm Springs.”

According to Cabo, he broke up with Whitney Stevens because, “She was too much.”

“She wants to run around, and I’m not going to run around after her any more. I did everything for that girl but she dumped all over me. It’s hard to tie down a 20 year-old girl. My friends were like get rid of her. She’s no good for you.”

Cabo says they were together a year and a half.

“She’s got some growing up to do,” Cabo feels.

“I love the girl with all my heart but it’s huge drama. She needs to clean up her act. That alcohol is taking her down. Whitney got a DUI when she was 19. She doesn’t drink and drive any more. She takes taxis. But hanging with her sister, I don’t think her sister is the best influence for her.”

Whitney Stevens is going to be 21 in August, and I asked Cabo about her celebrated bouts of underage drinking.

“She’s a good person, but I can’t take the drinking,” states Cabo.

“She wants to go out to clubs four and five days a week with her sister and just excessively drink.”

Cabo explains that Whitney Stevens is able to get past the ID requirements by using her sister’s.

“She uses her sister’s ID and it’s funny because we have a little joke,” Cabo continues.

“Britney’s real name is Sherry so we kind of mess around like if it comes to the point where they’re, like, these ID’s are the same, we say they’re identical twins. This is Sherry and this is Sheree. It’s worked in Vegas. I’ve seen Whitney gamble in Vegas using Britney’s ID. The ID numbers are the same.”

“Doesn’t that create a problem when you’re doing porn?” I ask Cabo.

“For porn she [Whitney] uses her real ID,” replies Cabo. “But to get into the clubs she uses the other ID."

Cabo explains that he took Whitney Stevens to Thailand with him and that’s how the passport issue came up.

“I always asked them why do you guys have different last names and they told me oh it’s because our parents are crazy and tried to save money at the hospital.”

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