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Ginger Lynn Drinks Her Pee

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Powder writes on : Tuesday I had to come into the studio early with Soxxx to look over some backup equipment we put into place for our systems. It was a little complicated but we got the hang of it.

“Buff in the Buff” was a replay due to Heidi Mayne being stuck on set. Sometimes there is just nothing that can be done. It did allow us to continue to work on the backup system.

Baadmaster arrived for “Baadmasters Dungeon” along with Satine Phoenix, who looked really hot in a conservative kind of way. It was mostly a show featuring Baadmaster and Satine, with an appearance of Satine’s assistant where they talked about the BDSM Lifestyle and the do’s and don’ts when attending a lifestyle party.

Wankus and Nicki Hunter came in for “Smell My Finger”, which featured a return visit from the lovely Smokie Flame. Wankus partly filled in the viewers what happened with Jessica Bangkok but, had to hold off till next Monday to tell the whole story as Jessica is his co-host every Monday night. During one of the breaks, Smokie Flame began to give Wankus a lap dance, to which he “pitched a tent”. Nicki and Smokie took turns grabbing Wankus’s penis through the rest of the show.

“Dirty Divas” was up next with the legendary Ginger Lynn. Stephanie Swift came in as he guest for a very hot and wild show. Ginger and Stephanie were captivated by each other. Ginger also proclaimed that she needed to go to the bathroom and proceeded to pee in a bucket, live on the air. RudeTV’s Lake had to hold a mic next to the bucket to catch the sound effect as well. Funny stuff. Ginger also made Stephanie masturbate her using only her foot. As the show went on, Ginger decided to drink her own pee then dribble the pee from her mouth to Stephanie’s mouth. As as I said, a realy wild show.

Once the show came to an end, Smokie Flame, her man Bobby Flame, Wankus, Giniger Lynn, Stephanie Swift and I headed to Porn Star Karaoke at Sardos. It was hosted by Jayme Langford and Sabrina Rose representing Hustler video. I walked around and greeted Emma Cummings and her man (now named, “Willy Nelson Cummings”). Saw Tony Batman for the first time in two weeks, as he has been traveling the country. Crystal Ashley and Jordon Lane were at one of the booths hanging out. Got tackle hugged by Victoria Norton and shook Hands with Lord Blu. Also Jessica Drake and Brad Armstrong were at a booth with Shay Sights. I re-introduced myself to Shay Sights as we met several years ago.

I met Carmella Bing for the first time in person. We had seen each other but never been introduced. She and Tee Reel seemed to hit it off very well. Carmella was very nice and has an amazing body.

Also ran into Mark Davis and “The Real” Tommy Gunn as well as Tony Bones and Rev Mel who were busy filming and interviewing. PSK Hostess Angie was there to say her last goodbyes as she leaves for Australia today. Ginger Lynn andStephanie Swift finally arrived but didn’t go into Sardos till much later. They were still very into each other and Ginger even sucked on Stephanie’s toes in the parking lot. Wankus and I spoke for a bit before I finally went back into to Sardos and said my goodbyes about 1:30am.

I did run around and take pictures at PSK last night so make sure to check out later in the week as I’ll be posting them soon.

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