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One Adult Entertainment Business Taking a Hit: Sex Style Adult Boutique


OCEAN CITY, Md. - The multi-billion dollar adult entertainment and porn industry could be facing some serious financial issues in the economic recession.

Hustler media mogul Larry Flint even recently asked Congress for an industry bailout. It has been traditionally thought that porn and adult entertainment businesses could ride out recessions. However, during this recession, people can access similar content on the internet, for free.

One Ocean City adult entertainment store said they are feeling the porn pinch.

"It's like having your nose above the water right now. I hope it is going to be better," said Moshe Bitton, owner of Sex Style Adult Boutique in North Ocean City.

Bitton said business is extremely tough. He closed down one of his Salisbury stores more than a year ago, and is hoping for a better summer season, when more tourists are in town.

"People usually come to places like this, but when they don't have money in their pockets for food they don't go to common places like [this]," he said.

But what this business might consider a possible sales slump and tragedy, some other local residents said it is a triumph for them. The neighboring community association of Caine Woods tried to block the business from coming to the area in 2007.

"As a person, and the President of the Caine Woods Community Association, I would be pleased, and I think our total membership will be, if it disappears," said Association President Bob LeMay.

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