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"Terribly Evil" Was My Take On It; Was Forced Entry the Movie That Broke Rob Black's Back?

--Gene Ross

Forced Entry from Extreme Associates came out in March, 2002. The Feds raided Extreme Associates in April, 2003 and in August of that year returned a ten-count indictment against them with Forced Entry being right on the top of the list.

In a press release put out this week, the government comments: "Extreme Associates, Inc. was the subject of a PBS Frontline documentary entitled 'American Porn,' which aired nationwide on Feb. 7, 2002. That program showed non-sexually explicit portions of the filming of the video, 'Forced Entry,' which depicts the brutal rapes and murders of several women."

During that program Rob Black all but challenged then-US Attorney General John Ashcroft to come get him. Ashcroft took him up on the offer. And after a six year battle with the Feds, Black finally pleaded guilty this week to violating obscenity laws.

Here's what I had to say about Forced Entry when it was first released.

Forced Entry

D. Lizzy Borden. Stars Veronica Caine, Jewel De'Nyle, Taylor St. Claire, Alexandra Quinn, Brian Surewood, Luciano, Mickey G., Valentino.

Wrestlemania's coming up this weekend, and whoever The Rock winds up beating the shit out of, you're not going to see the amount of rough and tumble to equate with what's in Forced Entry, a feature that has the word "landmark" written all over it as far as future porn issues are concerned.

Which is pretty much to say, it doesn't come any rougher than this- Forced Entry portraying the oldest of indoor sports- rape- with cold blooded paroxysmal violence where the heart stops dead and the saliva meringues around the mouth. It's brutal. More than that, it's terribly evil. Convincing. Incredibly well acted and directed. And somewhere in this pile of disturbingly portrayed subject matter is a performance of true whimsy- lent by Rob Black portraying this ludicrous Geraldo Rivera/Gene Ross hybrid, investigative reporter Roberto Negro.

Negro's the recipient of clues sent to him by a copycat murderer/rapist [Luciano now known as Michael Steffano] who evidently idolizes the infamous Richard Ramirez and takes his cues from the ultraviolence of A Clockwork Orange. Luciano knocks at Jewel De'Nyle's door one night looking for directions to Kanan Rd.

Before she knows what's happening, Jewel's getting the living shit beat out of her. Nestling her in a choke hold and putting his finger up her ass, Luciano advises her to do what he says. He drags her up the stairway to her bedroom where he repeatedly rapes her ass. Observationally, it's almost obligatory to note how smoothly it goes in- leading one to suspect that the cowtown rodeo's been through there already.

But, hey, this is dramatization. And it's a pretty effective one. The coup de grace is Luciano splattering all over Jewel's face and nose then washing the remnants of male ecstasy off by sticking her head in a toilet and pissing all over her face.

The final touch is added when Luciano suffocates her with a plastic shopping bag. Negro is tipped off about the killing just as he is about the next one in which Luciano and Mickey G. attack Taylor St. Claire, playing a pregnant girl. After slapping her in the stomach a few times, Luciano's pretty convinced that her condition's been abbreviated somewhat.

That, however, doesn't forestall the attack on St. Claire who submits to one of the most exhaustively depicted sex scenes ever committed to camera. While Luciano is getting it all on video, St. Claire's slapped, kicked, pummeled, ass tortured, butt fucked and d.p.'d. But that's just the beginning of her problems when Luciano draws a gun and sends both her and her dog to the big sleep.

Stay away from dark streets is Negro's sage advice to his TV viewers. Which is of no value to Veronica Caine who's abducted in broad daylight. Caine's car breaks down and while she's attempting to phone her husband, Luciano and Brian Surewood abduct her.

Luciano holds the conditional "if you do this" over Caine's head to submit her ass to vile indignities, but Caine's fate is a forgone conclusion. She's stripped and raped at knife point, her face crammed with cock while Luciano's veins ring madly in his neck as he urges her to face the camera and tell her husband how beautiful the experience is.

Particularly when his knife plunges downward. Soon afterwards, Negro gets a copycat tape submitted by someone [Valentino] who's disturbingly familiar to him. Negro can only watch so much of Alexandra Quinn being humiliated and cock tortured before tipping off the cops who take Valentino, a gas station attendant, into custody.

Which is when the citizenry gets involved in what Negro terms "vigil-auntie" justice. Is it Luciano or some poor slob who merely looks like him? A frenzied chase through an alleyway doesn't seem to be too occupied with splitting hairs.

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