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Porn History 101: Linda Lovelace & Sammy Davis Jr.; Did The Candyman Actually Cuckold Her Husband?

--Gene Ross

News that one of the scenes in the advertised Linda Lovelace biopic starring Lindsay Lohan was going to feature a fourway involving Sammy Davis Jr., sent me scurrying to my little private library.

In his book "Why Me", Davis, in something of a disingenuous whitewash considering his alleged circumstances with Lovelace, devotes little thought to Linda except to say that he was intrigued by the porn world at the time Deep Throat, came out in the theatres and that he wanted to meet her. That’s pretty much it.

Beyond that, Davis comments in passing that he became friends with Lovelace and her husband Chuck Traynor, then served as Best Man when Traynor divorced Linda and married Marilyn Chambers.

You’d think being a Best Man says something in of itself. With little imagination needed, it suggests there's a huge amount of history going on here which isn't being related in the context of a couple of throwaway thoughts on Davis' part.

Lovelace, on the other hand, details that history. At least her version of it. With it, she adds an appalling hors d’oeuvre you might not want to sample if you’re a Sammy fan. But it’s all in her book titled, Ordeal.

Considering the fact that the three principals of these stories- Lovelace, Traynor and Davis - are all dead, who can say for sure what really happened or didn't?

For one thing, Lovelace claims Davis was in love with her. After you’ve had a piece of ass like May Britt who had been Davis’ first wife, who the fuck is she fooling?

I’m already seeing this as some kind of an adult fairytale, as Lovelace sets the scene about how she first met Sammy. She’s sitting in Butchie Peraino’s New York office when he gets a phone call. It’s from Davis.

[If you’re not up on your porn history, Butchie, then head of Arrow Productions, was the money man and producer of Deep Throat.]

Lovelace thought this was all a joke, that someone of Davis’ stature would be even talking to a pornographer. As the conversation ensued, however, Lovelace discovered Butchie and he were friends and that Sammy wanted a print of the movie since it was the fashion of the times for Hollywood people to host Deep Throat parties. Apparently Davis had also inquired about Lovelace.

Cupping his hand over the telephone mouthpiece, Butchie reportedly asked her if she’d “fuck a nigger”.

Lovelace shook her head, no, nevertheless Peraino told Davis she’d love to and so Davis extended an invite via Peraino for her to meet him later that evening. Davis was staying at the Waldorf Astoria and was in town to host a Highway Safety telethon.

Accompanied by the ubiquitous Chuck Traynor, Lovelace went to meet Davis. Like the true suitcase pimp he was, Traynor told her that whatever was to happen, she needed to go along with the program.

“If Sammy drops any kind of hint, pick up on it right away,” Traynor ordered her.

In Lovelace’s mind she was trying to comprehend why Davis would even be watching that kind of movie. They arrived at Davis’ hotel suite, and his then wife, Altovise, was doing needlepoint work while they conversed.

Lovelace describes the evening as a bunch of small talk about old movies, but nothing sexual. With mention of the telethon, Lovelace began telling Davis about a near fatal car accident she had been in, but for the saving grace of a seatbelt - not knowing, of course, a similar kind of accident would eventually take her life.

Davis liked the moral of the story and invited her to come on the telethon the next night and relate it again for the audience. Traynor didn’t think this was such a good idea because he didn’t want people to have the impression that Lovelace’s body was covered with scars which would ruin the fantasy.

What Lovelace liked about the invitation was the fact that here was an instance where she wouldn’t be expected to take off her clothes plus she felt that Davis was showing her respect.

Lovelace showed up at the theatre the following night dressed conservatively. No matter, because Sammy was the bearer of bad news. When word got out that Lovelace was going to be a guest on the show, Davis was told by the owners of the theatre, in no uncertain terms, that she couldn’t go on stage.

All apologetic and embarrassed, Davis insisted she join him for dinner. Lovelace did and couldn’t get over how people fawned over him at the restaurant. She goes into great detail about the entourage and mentions that Davis seated her next to him at the table, Lovelace hinting that in time it would become more than a seating arrangement.

On a following visit to Hollywood, Lovelace got an invitation to go to Davis’ house. Naturally Traynor wanted her to draw Davis into a sexual liaison.

“If Sammy suggests anything- I mean anything at all- you just go along with it one-hundred percent,” she was advised.

Nothing happened. Lovelace reports that their first night together as two couples amounted to a nice social gathering followed by a movie in Davis’ screening room. It’s only later that Davis supposedly brings up the subject of “scenes” which in this context meant swinging.

Traynor assured him they were into anything. Lovelace then lends the impression in her book that she and Traynor began seeing a lot of Davis and Altovise. On those occasions Davis would talk a lot about his marriages, kids and other personal history, and suggested, at least according to Lovelace, she might become a part of his stage show. Again this sounds like wishful thinking on her part.

According to Lovelace, Davis was a very nice person and she appreciated the fact he wasn’t trying to molest her.

“He had his own moral code of fidelity,” she writes. “He explained to me that he could do anything except have normal intercourse because that, the act of making love, would be cheating on his wife.”

I read somewhere else that Davis needed to have oral sex at least five times a day, and Lovelace was there to accommodate him on some of those occasions. Only one time, ever, did they have regular intercourse.

Meanwhile, Traynor would be getting it on with Altovise although she couldn’t stand him, from what Lovelace says. Lovelace sensed that Altovise, by keeping quiet most of the time, was no more into the swinging aspects than Lovelace was, though Lovelace faked it. In that respect, Lovelace felt she shared a kinship with Davis’ wife.

“She did things to keep her man happy; I did things to keep my man from killing me.”

In their bedroom palaver, Davis allegedly told Lovelace that he wanted to tie her down and have another woman make love to her while he watched. Because he spoke in a gentle voice, Lovelace took this is as just talk and nothing more. Lovelace further reports that on at least one occasion she did Altovise but had the feeling there was an audience watching from some hidden room.

Lovelace talks about the couples spending a lot of time together including going on vacations to Hawaii.

It was during one of these junkets that Lovelace claims Davis told her he was falling in love and wanted her with him the rest of his life. This is beginning to sound all Devon James.

On top of this, Lovelace insists that Davis was always making romantic gestures, putting her on a pedestal, buying her gifts and virtually pushing Altovise to the background as a tacit partner to this new arrangement.

Lovelace also claims Davis would bring up the subject of marriage in what-if tones. Then she wraps up the Davis portion of her story with the sexual coup de grace.

She describes an evening when she, Traynor and Davis were in his screening room watching a porno movie. She got on her knees and began deep throating the Candyman. Essentially she took his sunrise and sprinkled it with dew.

In the darkness of the room, Lovelace then urged Davis to do the unthinkable. According to Lovelace, Traynor being an ex-Marine had a macho complex which included a deep abiding hatred of gays. So what sweeter justice and revenge she thought for all the past abuse Traynor had heaped upon her. Lovelace went to unzip Traynor’s pants.

“A minute or two went by before Chuck realized that something was different,” she muses.

“Then, although Chuck didn’t utter a sound, his eyes were screaming for help. He looked back at me, boiling mad now, and with his right hand gestured for me to come over and free him.”

Lovelace just shrugged her shoulders and laughed as The unflappable Candyman continued to go down on Chuck like some Kickass Pictures cuckold movie.

Says Linda, “He [Chuck] would rather have a heart attack then say no to a celebrity.”

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