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Our Favorite Michael Stefano Story: The Day His Dick Almost Exploded, Nearly Ending His Career

--Gene Ross

Michael Stefano today announced his retirement from porn but I remember him from the days at Extreme Associates when he was known as "Luciano".

In March, 1999 Luke Ford reported about how Rob Black was supposed to have left his contract guy "Looch" [he was called] high and dry with medical bills due to penis problems incurred in Brazil.

I spoke to Luciano about it and this was his version of events:

For one thing, Luciano admitted to having shot up his dick because he couldn't work with rubbers.

"I used that shit, and my dick stayed hard," he said.

"I never did it before. I did it because of the fucking rubbers. I can't work with them. It's all anal down there. So, yeah, I shot it [his penis], and I guess I did too much. I don't need surgery. I went to a urologist. I've seen two.

"One is a teacher of urology at UCLA. Yeah, my dick's been horrible. I can barely do b.j. scenes. Barely. But, last night, Tommy [Byron] let me take the camera home to start learning how to use it and stuff. I was shooting with my chick and just fucking around. She grabbed it and my dick got hard. I couldn't believe it. It was like 100% turnaround.

"I was concerned up to yesterday's event that I might have to resort to shooting it period, from now on, to get a hard on. I didn't want to resort to that because it's horrible. If I had to, I'd do Viagra, but not shoot my dick. It was hard and I was fucking her, and I came from it; and then like four hours later we started messing around again. She started sucking on it. My dick got hard. It was the first time in two months. I couldn't believe it.

"I'm totally happy right now. I'm totally stoked I'm back. I'm not done. My doctor says I won't even have scar tissue, it's going to take time to heal. Because when they put holes in the tip to drain, they created a little vacuum leak from the tip to the valve.

[Luciano had the procedure done in Brazil. "It was an old procedure but a good procedure."]

"That needed time to close up," he went on to say. "And I couldn't get it hard. I left it alone for the last two months. You just need time to heal."

Luciano said shooting up left him with a condition of priapism that left him hard and erect for 23 hours.

"I couldn't stand up or zip my pants. I was in so much pain," Luciano says.

"It was a nightmare. But when I got back I went to see the doctors. I told Rob [Black] I can't work, what can I do. I wanted to see if he'd offer me something else to make money. He offered me a bunch of stuff and editing was one of them. I've been editing all last month. I made a lot of money from it. I picked it up pretty quick. It's pretty cool.

"In a way, because of this problem, I'm editing. If I didn't have this problem, I wouldn't have thought of doing it. It's kind of like a blessing in disguise. But I hope I can back to performing like I used to, and maybe direct my own thing now. Maybe this was all meant to happen. I don't know. It seems that way. Rob offered me other options. I'm going to start writing a script and shoot my own stuff, not be in it, but direct it. But it's not true that they [Extreme Associates] didn't help me. That's false. Totally.

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