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Brady Bunch XXX Parody Star Claims Rape at R&B Singer's Love House


Slick PR is using rape allegations to promote a porn movie.

Hollywood, CA- Here’s the story of a lovely lady who was bringing up three very lovely girls…..

She plays Carol Brady in the mega-popular porn series Not the Bradys XXX which is a parody of The Brady Bunch but now adult star Alana Evans is singing a different tune claiming she was raped in the home of R&B love ballad singer Brian McKnight by a friend of McKnight’s sons.

The shocking allegations were first picked up by fan website Media and have been posted all over the internet including RadarOnline and other sites painting a story that is anything but love related.

The thirty year old porn star shot to extreme popularity with her breakout role as America’s favorite mom in Not the Bradys XXX putting a porn spin on the role made famous by Florence Henderson. The hardcore parody of the Brady Bunch television show has been featured on numerous entertainment news shows such as Entertainment Tonight, The Insider and even Newsweek Magazine helping to make it one of the biggest selling adult movie series in recent history and Alana a well known star.

A fantastic G-rated movie trailer is available from YouTube and is safe to play in the office and shows Alana Evans as Carol Brady.

“Although Alana told me about this horrible incident after it took place it is still shocking to think that this is the same house where many of those beautiful love ballads were written,” stated the 2010 AVN Director of the Year Will Ryder who is credited with igniting the current porn parody explosion that has revolutionized the adult movie industry.

Ryder has directed Alana in numerous movies including all four volumes of Not the Bradys XXX.

“I’m a big fan of Brian McKnight’s music so I’m glad that he was out of town and not directly involved with this incident but just because she’s a porn star doesn’t mean guys can take liberties,” Ryder continued.

No charges were brought because the accused told the LAPD that it was consensual sex.

“LAPD did nothing because I am a pornstar- so I guess that makes me less of a human to them,” Evans remarked on her Twitter page.

“It just really hurt that they wouldn’t help me. Law says there’s no consent when a woman is intoxicated- but it didn’t matter.”

“Alana is a really sweet lady and is absolutely fantastic playing Carol Brady in our Brady Bunch porno movies so it really is hard to see an old wound ripped open again,” Ryder said.

“I hope she can recover fully from this but I doubt she will be blasting any of Brian McKnight’s music in her pink Mustang.”

Not the Bradys XXX is available in adult movie stores everywhere and is fun for the entire family (as long as everybody is 18) because it is the most wholesome porno ever created.

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