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Now Retired from Porn, Katie Morgan Delivers Talk at Penn State

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Pennsylvania - from - - Porn star Katie Morgan spoke about her experiences in the adult film industry at a no-holds-barred Q&A session Thursday sponsored by the College of Liberal Arts.

Morgan said she started in the porn industry when she was arrested with 200 pounds of marijuana in her car prior to passing through the Mexican border.

[Hate to contradict a good story, but Morgan was already in the business]

Needing money for a lawyer, Morgan said she went through her friend and an attorney’s client book before she found a woman in the industry and called her about getting a manager.

But Morgan said she’s more normal than what people may think.

“Porn is just my everyday job,” she said. “After work you can come find me and my husband smoking weed and playing ‘Rock Band.’ ”

Morgan said pornography is Hollywood’s little brother.

“We still have to do auditions and we still have awards shows like movie stars do,” she said.

Morgan said what surprises people is that she grew up as a sheltered girl with a priest for a father. After her father found out about his daughter’s job in pornography, Morgan said her parents weren’t happy, but they didn’t condemn her.

“My parents support me, but not my cause,” Morgan said.

Though she said she isn’t bothered by reactions to her job, she doesn’t appreciate how people judge her without understanding her motives.

“People think porn stars are stupid nymphos, but we aren’t banging every guy, no matter how much they want us to,” she said.

Morgan’s husband Jim, who would not give out his last name for privacy reasons, said he knew her as a person before as a porn star. He said what made him fall in love with Morgan was her openness about her sexuality.

“She’s not the kind of girl who goes to parties to hook up with people,” he said. “In fact, the last ‘big’ party we went to was our wedding.”

Morgan said she’s filmed more than 400 films, but has only had sex with about 100 men.

“I’m picky with who I work with,” she said. “If I didn’t like you or think you were good, I added you to my ‘no’ list.”

Morgan said her “yes” list was shorter than the no’s.

Jared Kauffman (senior-psychology and philosophy) said it was a fun experience seeing someone from the industry involved with an educational community.

“Others would be in their mansions having sex right now, but she’s come to speak to us,” he said. “It makes her seem more down-to-earth than what we would think.”

Caitlin Embrey (senior-toxicology) said having a porn star speak showed a different perspective on the matter.

“She seemed to be a regular person, doing her job like everyone else does everyday,” she said.

Morgan said though she’s been retired from her seven-year-long career for three years, she still makes appearances and has a contract with HBO until 2012.

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