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New Kesha Oral Sex Photos Leak Reignites Kesha Sex Tape Rumors

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from - Singer Kesha is hot and it’s not just for her music right now, she’s hot because there are photos of her being orally satisfied by a man making its rounds and fueling the rumors of an alleged sex tape.

The photos that have went viral displays Kesha hugged up kissing with a man and in another one getting pleasured, as reported on

The singer hasn’t denied it was her, however reports say she said it is her. The identify of the man in the pictures are believed to be of Alex Carapetis who she was dating. Who is Alex Carapetis? A professional drummer from Sydney Australia who has toured with well-known acts. Alex Carapetis is currently drumming for Julian Casablancas. No one knows for sure though, it’s just speculation.

It is uncertain if Carapetis leaked the photos since she allegedly broke up with him and stated he had a Keith Richards vibe and was starting to act too much like a woman and you know Ke$ha doesn’t like that. “I couldn’t handle that,” Kesha is quoted as stating.

Kesha stated in a past interview with Complex that she likes a big beard which looks homeless and unkempt on a man who holds a bag of quarters and has a big d–k. Right??

So maybe Kesha did it for the thrill to help with her “Get Sleazy Tour” which started in November and will end May 6th, 2011 in Los Angeles.

There’s no better time to “Get Sleazy” than now. And yes, Ke$ha reportedly says she’s a pervert.

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