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More: The Sad Tale of Porn Performer Rikki Andersin Continues

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Back story:

Would only an insensitive bastard suggest that Scott Janke and Andersin pool their unemployment check resources together and make a go of it?

St. Louis from - A Parkway North High School science teacher who informed the school's principal Friday that she had been involved in the adult-film industry before becoming a teacher has been placed on administrative leave, according to a district news release.

The teacher, Tera Myers [porn name Rikki Andersin], requested the leave after a student approached her about her past, according to the district. She will be paid through the end of the school year.

Parkway, which did not identify the teacher in its statement, said the teacher began working for the district in August 2007 after passing standard background and reference checks.

A spokesman for the district said today that since the teacher's involvement in the porn industry did not break any laws, it wasn't revealed in the background checks.

Myers, 38, was suspended in 2006 from a teaching job in Paducah, Ky., according to news reports.

Other teachers and parents stood by her after her past was revealed, but her contract was not renewed because the superintendent feared her past would be a distraction for students, according to KMOV (Channel 4).

The teacher went on to share her story on the Dr. Phil television show before being hired at Parkway.

From CBS: ST. LOUIS COUNTY (KMOX) - A Parkway North High School teacher’s past involving the adult entertainment industry has caught up with her and now she’s unemployed.

You’d think it wouldn’t necessarily be a secret after Tera Myers appeared on Dr. Phil where she talked about her days in the porn industry, but then again it’s not something you’d put on youir resume.

Ms. Myers resigned her position as a science teacher after a student found one of her acting clips on an internet porn site last Friday.

Myers admits she was active in the industry 15 years ago and also conceeds that was a mistake that haunts her today.
Her past also caught up with her five years ago while she was teaching in Paducah, Kentucky.

Parkway North administrators say they didn’t know about her previous job until the student brought it to their attention.

Administrators aren’t saying much about the student cruising tjhe internet allegedly looking for you know what.

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