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Who has the Biggest Rock Star Penis? Steven Tyler?

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from - TMZ sat down with Guns ĎN Roses drummer Steven Adler. For what reason, no one knows, but the conversation quickly turned away from the mumbling Steven Adler and onto more famous people like the other Steven. Steven Tyler.

Because itís TMZ, what started as a discussion about taking ExtenZe to enlarge Adlerís dick (doesnít work, he claims), turned into a discussion about Steven Tylerís huge penis. Adler said, ďIíve tried Ďem. They donít work. After seeing Steven Tylerís right with five different girls hands wrapped around it, Iím lucky if I take my clothes off after that. I was devastated.Ē

To be fair, a horse would be devastated after seeing that. Considering the estimated breadth of a womanís hand is something around 3 inches and assuming Adler is talking about 5 hands on top of each other, that would make Steven Tylerís penis 15 inches long. Give or take. At that point, it becomes more of a liability, really. At least thatís what I say to make myself feel better.

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