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Adult Cyber Mart Sneak Peak: Chyna Lied About Her Latest Porn Tape

--Gene Ross

Hollywood lore’s full of stories about how the second or third choice for the lead in a major motion picture became so identified with the role that you forgot who the original choice was supposed to be.

Could you honestly imagine Ernest Borgnine as The Godfather? Proving that she has no business being in show business, Lindsey Lohan turned down the Heather Graham part in The Hangover because the script showed “no potential”.

Frank Sinatra as Dirty Harry? Yup, until he broke his hand, and the part was offered to John Wayne who turned it down.

But here’s probably the most famous example of fate stepping in and altering careers. Tom Selleck was supposed to have been the original Indiana Jones, but his commitments with Magnum P.I. prevented him from doing that picture. In irony of ironies, the pilot for the Magnum TV show was postponed, which would have given Selleck enough time to have taken the Jones role anyway, but it had already gone to Harrison Ford. Yeah, bummer.

If you’re kind of curious how Selleck would have fared as a Depression era swashbuckler, there’s a movie called High Road to China that casts him in almost the exact same part.

Check it out if you can, because it appears that Vivid will appropriate the title somewhere down the line. Now that "The Ninth Wonder" lady wrestler Chyna is fully on board with the Papa Smurf program.

Papa Smurf today revealed to TMZ, his PR people, that Chyna, Mary Carey’s former drinking buddy, has done a porn film.

Actually this isn’t news if you keep up with We carried that story last November when former WWE employee Jimmy Noonin’ revealed that Chyna, aka Joanie Laurer, had shot a porn movie for Vivid. Although Chyna adamantly denied the story.

"The porn rumors are 100% untrue," she said.

"The Media never takes the time to verify these reports before posting them no matter how damaging they are," she went on to say.
Damaging my ass, which brings us to the topic of the current story involving Laurer.

In today’s episode, Vivid’s Steve Hirsch tells TMZ that Laurer approached him months ago, demanding to work with the biggest male porn star in the business. If that’s the case, Noonin’s scoop would appear to have had validity. Gathering by the title “Backdoor Into Chyna” one would presume Laurer gets it in her shitbox from Lee Stone and Evan Stone [not to be confused with the P2P lawsuit lawyer].

The complete story today at

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