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Porn Director Blue Blake makes new movie with Bodybuilding Straight actors

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from - Legendary adult film producer, actor and director comes out with a new porn flick " Policemen F**k'd my son. The movie may come out this year and Blue Blake could not be more excited about the project.

He has straight bodybuilding actors in his movie which includes famous bodybuilding actor Randy Jones to play in the film. Blue believes that this maybe one of his best to date. Blue Blake productions has done many films over the years and each and every film that was made was very successful.

Blue Blake today released an image from his set of A POLICEMAN F**K'd MY SON. It depicts star of the film Brick Jones being photographed on set before shooting begins. Blue Blake comments: "Brick is a real life construction worker who was born in the East End of London. He just has that star quality that cannot be explained. The moment I met him I knew he had to be the protagonist of the film. He plays the hot straight policeman whose shock and revulsion upon seeing the rape and molestation that occurs at the hands of his fellow officers finally lead him to one conclusion. He can either give up his badge or......

Blue Blake wrote a successful biography " OUT OF THE BLUE" Confessions of an unlikely porn star. The book entails the funny comedic candid expose of the gay adult film industry. The book goes into detail on how he came from the slums of Nottingham, England where Blue began his career as a 16 year old stripper to super porn stardom in Hollywood, California.

The book also exposes the relationship he had with American bodybuilding Champion Chris Duffy. Chris Duffy was on the cover of FLEX MAGAZINE and MUSCLE AND FITNESS.

1) The Bouncer 2) Duke Millers Lumber Jack Gang Bang 3) Muscle men Moving Co. 4) Cowboy( Award for best film, by the gay porn awards 5) Straight Jocks Confess and so much more.

There are rumors that he is dating his star actor Randy Jones which he denies. Blue Blake made a statement :

"I dont know how these ridiculous rumours get started "Is Randy hot? Yes hes super hot and hungarian with two kids and straight and is a huge sweet bodybuilder. Does this mean we are having an affair absolutely not. He has a wife."

Blue Blake also denies he and MR JONES have been seen hitting all the best restaurants and gyms together in London and seem more than just "friends". Blue made another statement:"All im concentrating on is my film. I have a boyfriend who travels constantly because of his family and business concerns in the Middle East." ."Why would I be dating two super, sexy guys at the same time"? Randy Jones plays the cop in the title role who rapes his way through London have sex with a newcomer and Blake discovery Beau Samuels and French star Isaac Jones on the way.

There are a lot of straight bodybuilding and non bodybuilding actors knocking on Blue Blakes door for a shot in his films. Who will we see next on Blue Blake Productions? only time and Blue can tell.

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