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01:28 AM PST

Catalina on 5th Wheel

A Porn Star Who Swore She Wasn't A Slut!

--Brian Holt, Staff Writer

(HOLLYWOOD, CA) -- Sweet and sexy, Catalina, appeared on last night's episode of the hit show, "5th Wheel."

From the TV Show Website: Enter The 5th Wheel-Meet Catalina, a porn star, who swears she is not a slut and that she is classy. Will the Playgirl playmate/former male dancer be the perfect match for Catalina, or is she simply not classy enough for him? Shannon demonstrates his dance moves for Catalina while Nick is busy proposing to Nasha with a fake ring. Will they run off to Vegas at the end of the night to get married?

During the show, Catalina claimed to be "classy" on many occasions and swore she wasn't a slut. There are pictures and videos out there to show otherwise, but all in all, the show was a lot of fun and great promo for the rising adult star.


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