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Alexis Ford's Five Picture Deal with Rob Black- What Really Happened

--Gene Ross

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You could picture Rob Black shooting porn pictures about the big bad wolf. But Snow White? C’mon.

Except that’s what’s happening, all as a result of a recent meeting in a dark, Burbank restaurant when Rob Black sat down with Adam & Eve’s ex-contract star Alexis Ford.

During the course of a meal, they hatched out plans for Ford to star in Black’s new Sinister X Syndicate production, “Snow White: A Fairy Tale Films XXX Parody.”

After all was said and done, Ford wound up signing a five picture deal knowing that Black has the magic wand to turn her into a porn princess.

“Alexis Ford will be a bigger name than Jenna Jameson ever was,” Black flatly predicts.

I never got the real story on what happened between Ford and her former company but judging from the scuttlebutt, it went down something like this. Ford was unhappy that she wasn’t landing plum roles. That’s probably because Adam & Eve’s directorial staff hadn’t been shooting plum pictures.

When Ford asked for something bigger, she was given a Home Improvement parody.

Then the final straw came when Lee Roy Meyers, director of the controversial Godfather parody, elected to use Lexi Belle instead of Ford to keep a movie under budget. Then, on top of that, Adam & Eve decided it was probably cheaper keeping Teagan Presley than the higher priced Ford.

And so they parted ways. Of course Presley, working for less money, has been put in the position to compromise $700 bar bills.

Black, since leaving Jerry Estrada, Carlos Cavero, Howard Levine and company has been on a hot streak. And it just so happened that the current Louis Theroux documentary about porn in which Black plays so big a part was shot while Black was still over at Pleasure Dynasty.

Black, as only he can play the violin, was pure Heifetz and gave Theroux something to eagerly write home about.

But it wouldn’t have been the first time Black has taken journalists to the concert hall.

And the fact that the British press this week have been likening him to a Pacino, DeNiro and an over caffeinated Quentin Tarantino thrown in, is just what Black wanted.

When Theroux shot his first porn documentary 15 years ago, Black who was at Elegant Angel at the time, convinced Theroux that he was an amoral retard and entranced Theroux with the idea of shooting rape movies for fun and profit.

Of course, Theroux, who was convinced he was another George Plimpton, went along for the ride envisioning how the word "rape" would score huge audience numbers.

In fact you’ll note in Theroux’s summary of events assorted references to Black’s movie Forced Entry. Except one thing. Black didn’t shoot that movie until five years later when he was at the helm of Extreme Associaties. So, for Theroux’s benefit, Black staged a scene with Dick Nasty and Lexi Matthews, but there was no Forced Entry movie as such.

Fact is, Black swears he’s all through pushing the envelope.

“Gonzo is dead,” he says. “People are back to watching features and parodies.”

I asked Black if he's thought about shooting a poop movie homage to Ira Isaacs. He doesn't think so.

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