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Update: Alexis Ford Takes Lexington Steele "Balls Deep" Up Her Ass- Vodka Helps, She Says

--Gene Ross

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Former Adam & Eve contract girl Alexis Ford was a guest on James Bartholet's Inside the Industry Show this week.

Ford who just signed a five picture deal with Rob Black's Sinister X Syndicate, announced that not only was she getting a breast enhancement but that she had also taken Lexington Steele "balls deep" up her ass the day before.

Her scene with Steele was the first time Ford ever did anal on camera.

“I had Lexington Steele in my ass,” Ford announced. “Balls deep…then I put it in my mouth, after.”

Asked how she prepped for something like that, Ford said “starvation” that she had fasted for 24 hours...that and some vodka helped.

“Vodka always loosens up the ass,” she said.

“A little known trick,” added director Andre Madness who was also on the show to promote Dallas XXX which he directed.

Bartholet advised all newcomers that this wasn’t meant to pour vodka on the ass.

Ford heard that some female performers resort to vodka enemas. Asked for his take, Madness called it an “urban myth”.

“But I’ve heard it on set that if you try it you get some quick results,” he continued.

“Just be sure you don’t eat any Mexican food or dairy products before you do an anal scene- that’s going to be real bad,” Bartholet also advised.

Ford was also on the show to promote Adam & Eve’s big parody of Dallas even though she’s no longer with the company. Eric Masterson who plays J.R. was also on the show as well.

“He was an amazing J.R.- he really did a great job,” said Madness.

Bartholet noted that James Deen, a big name in the news right now because of the fact that he’s co-starring with Lindsay Lohan in a mainstream picture, is playing Bobby Ewing.

“You think James Deen is going to try to fuck Lindsay Lohan?” Ford wondered.

“You think he hasn’t?” answered Madness. “I don’t think it’s going to soil her reputation any.”

Ford also announced that she was having 200 more ccs added to her chest courtesy of a Beverly Hills surgeon. In Dallas XXX Ford plays the Lucy character and she watched episodes on YouTube at Madness’ urging to get “in tune” with that character.

“I had no fucking clue who the stars were,” said Ford who wasn’t even born yet at the height of the show’s TV popularity.

Someone in the chatroom wanted to know that since Ford employs a southern accent on Dallas XX, was she from the south.

“I’m from New York City- from fucking Queens,” she laughed.

Bartholet, who’s also featured in the parody, thought it was pretty smart of Adam & Eve along with Madness to put the porn version out to coincide with the new Dallas TV series which is airing on TNT.

Ford in the movie has a scene with Mr. Pete and Bill Bailey. According to Ford, Mr. Pete was the first male performer she ever worked with. [College Tails also directed by Madness.]

Madness recalled that Mr. Pete made Ford squirt within three minutes and she immediately became known as the “squirt girl”. Asked for a squirting tip, Ford says when you think about it, you psyche yourself out and won’t do it.

“Be relaxed, drink a lot of fluid and make sure you’re hydrated,” she advised.

“Because if you’re not your body will retain that moisture that you would be squirting out.”

The same advice would apply to male performers for a good pop shot, noted Bartholet.

Bartholet asked who's been the biggest influence on her.

"I'd have to say Bree Olson," Ford answered.

"She's a cool girl and has been the real one in that Adam & Eve family."

Asked for the advice she'd give an aspiring performer, Ford said, "Go the college, first."

"I had a kick-ass fucking time being broke as hell, living in a dorm room and drunk as shit; and drinking Captain fucking Morgan. I could not afford anything else. And it was the best three years of my life."

Ford says she was better off starting at the age of 20 than being 18.

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