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Vivid's Lindsay Lohan Porn-alike Casting Call

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No wonder Vivid caught on fire Saturday night. God is not pleased with this promotion.

from - Lindsay Lohan has not been reduced to doing porn ... YET ... but luckily for us a few girls who look just like her have ... and they are in the running to spoof LiLo in an upcoming XXX flick.

Vivid Entertainment is prepping a porn version of the upcoming Lohan movie "The Canyons." And while they have their sights set on James Deen to play the part of himself, they have narrowed the choice of actresses to play Lindsay down to three.

The porn's producers even sent an email to the original producers and offered them the opportunity to help make the hard choice, telling them, "We'll even send the winner to your offices to thank you personally for choosing her."

How gracious.

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