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Sabrina Johnson: Her Gangbang 2000 Nightmare

"I wish I had never been a part of it"

--readers responses

Lisa Sparxxx sent me the following which I gather is from the old Luke Ford website.

Sabrina Johnson writes from Belgium: Danny Carrelli [owner of Fleshtone Productions] currently owes me $1000. This was supposed to be payment for me doing a radio show in Chicago. The radio show had previously been mentioned to me, but I was later told that it was cancelled. Then, after the CES show in Vegas, we went to Chicago to do the second Jerry Springer Show. We did the show and on the day we were due to fly home, we returned to our hotel, only to be told that our hotel room had been booked for an extra day. We called Tony, who was our contact at the Springer show and asked what was going on. He told us that a guy called Tom Horst (he was suuposed to be the money man for the gangbang) had cancelled our tickets so we could do the radio show the next day. Bear in mind that we were finding this out 2 hours before we were due to fly home. When I spoke to Danny he promised me $1000 for the inconvenience, and as you now know I haven't seen 1 cent of it.

The gangbang experience was a nightmare. Danny promised me all kinds of things, all of which never happened. For example, I was told that no-one would be allowed to work with me in the gangbang if they had a PCR/DNA test which was more than 21 days old. Just as an extra precaution, my husband was double checking all the tests. He found 3 tests which were outside the time limit. After that, Danny kept coming over with out of date tests asking if I would accept them. Also, I was told that no-one without an arm band would be able to get into the ring with me. On the second day somebody did. Luckily I recognised him from the day before, but he could have been anybody.

Not only that but on the first day my husband saw one of the fluff girls giving a guy that had come to watch, a blow job. (no test, no ID nothing) For all she and I knew he had just walked in off the street. Also, I was supposed to be paid in two installments. I was to get the first half of my money after the gangbang, which I did. The second half was to be paid immediately after CES. However, after CES on the evening we were to leave for Chicago for the second Springer show, Danny Carrelli and Tom Horst came to my hotel room.

To cut a long story short, they basically said that they did not want to give me the money until after the second Springer show. Tom Horst also said that as the money was to be paid in cash, he was worried about my security in carrying that amount of cash around with me. At this point he pulled out a gun. Whether this was to show that he could provide security or it was meant as a threat, I don't know. Danny refused to give me the rest of the money until we were on the plane and had taken off. If Tom was worried about security, he did not come to the airport with us and Danny had the money stuffed in his boot.

My thoughts and feelings on the gangbang now are that I wish I had never been a part of it. I am sorry that I ever met Danny Carrelli or Tom Horst. The only professional people in the whole thing were the camera crew, who were fantastic, Jack Napier, Dee and Lawrence (we all called him Mambo) who were all equally great. The whole thing was a complete and utter sham. There were around 25 guys on the 1st day and about 14 on the second. If I had to guess I would say that legitimately I probably did about 500 guys (not different guys) I had stressed all along that I wanted to do it legitimately.

I wanted to do 2000 in 24 hours. Danny said that it would be too hard on the camera crew, however, they all said that if I was willing to do it, they would be right there with me. In any case, we struggled with about 25 guys because Fleshtone didn't pay Jim South his deposit in time for him to get the guys together. I think he had 7 days in which to get the guys. The whole thing was so badly organised by Fleshtone it's not even funny. Not only this catalogue of errors, but I have a friend here in Belgium who subscribed to the web site in December and has never been able to see anything about the gangbang. They are ripping people off. People are paying their money in all good faith and getting fuck all back.

As for other bad experiences, I haven't really had any others in America. Plenty in Europe but not over there. Mind you, the gangbang was bad enough.

James writes: Dear Luke, I read your column as well as all the time. I can't tell you happy I was to see Sabrina Johnsons letter on your site today. I've been telling people, (including Gene Ross) how me and my friends were completely ripped off! Well, I'm going to send you one of the same letters I sent to Gene not that long ago.

"I read AVN on a regular basis and back in November I saw a full page ad on how Sabrina Johnson was going to become the Worlds Gangbang Champion on December 31, 1999 by ending the year in a huge gangbang of 2000 guys. I'm a pretty big fan of gangbangs, loved Jasmin St. Claires and Houstons, but I thought there's no way. Then in December I see the same ad reassuring the event and I started to get excited. Anyway, needless to say - New Years Eve came and went and there was nothing to be heard about this. But then at the end of January I see their website. They say that it has already happened and they are now selling it on VHS & DVD already along with all kinds of merchandise, but website members can see a video feed of the whole thing! So I joined the site and ordered a T-shirt.

"Well, to make a long story short, I cancelled my damn membership just about as fast as I signed on for it!! In 6 weeks I was billed three times $24.95 from two different companies, then I find out my friend got it for $19.95 not to mention I waited over 4 weeks and never got the T-shirt I ordered, and was finally issued a refund. As for another friend of mine, his wife bought the VHS in January as a birthday gift, but they never got that either! At least I was lucky enough to get a refund, they weren't and still haven't to this day.

As for the GangBang itself, I like Sabrina Johnson a lot, but she was much better in a lot of other films. At least it looked believable and not like a generic low budget circus show. So, Mr. Carelli, if you're feeling like you've been 'robbed' - now maybe you know how we feel. And by the way, we've - my friends and I - contacted that email was in the article you just posted, one called webmaster, and some other customer service email for a video website. Still all we got was the run around. It appears that turn about is fair play. Thanks for listening."

Those guys are what keeps giving this industry the rotten name!

Ron Berry writes: Dear Luke, I have stayed quiet amongst all the people writing and stating opinions why my company no longer provides web master services, or hosting to Fleshtone Productions (Danny Carelli aka Danny Lacata), or Horst Entertainment Inc. (Tom Horst), but after seeing the letter from Sabrina Johnson herself on your site, I knew it was time to break the silence.

As Sabrina herself said, the whole event was VERY disorganized from the start. We originally got introduced to Tom Horst in December 1999, and finally went down on 12/28/2000 to where the filming was taking place at Senter Stages in Chatsworth, CA to finalize the deal to provide merchandising of video tapes, jackets and so forth for the event. Tom was negotiating with another firm to provide web hosting and web mastering services. Tom himself invited us to come back down that evening to take photo's of the event for publicity. We gladly did. And had them up on our web site the next day as "The 1st exclusive" photo's.

Tom at the time thought it was great. As part of our merchandising agreement, we were also granted a video feed, which Tom agreed to allow us to allocate this stream for one of our sites Tom thought it would do well for us. At CES time, Tom had, with our suggestion, decided to go with the other company under consideration to provide web hosting etc. During CES I met with Tom, and Sabrina, and gave Sabrina a 16x20 that I had taken of her at the gangbang itself. Sabrina was great, we took some more photo's, and had a good time talking about CES.

At the 11th hour (about 1/20/2000) I was told by Tom Horst that the other web hosting company refused to sign the contract, so he offered the site to us. We all signed an agreement on 1/26/2000.

The conversion was a nightmare. Nothing was as expected. Content was non-existent, the tapes were not available on time from the gangbang, as well as many other issues. As Danny finally delivered the tapes from the Jerry Springer shows, and Fox, and the gangbang, it became very apparent that what was being claimed as setting a record had not. In fact as even Sabrina now points out, it did not set any record. We figured that there had maybe been 4-500, but could not say for sure, as we only had 5 1/2 hours of tape from the event.

One evening while having a conference call with Danny Carelli himself and Tom Horst, Danny even stated that they had to wait for Fox to leave to roll the numbers.

According to Tom Horst, the reason it was taking so long for the video to be available for purchase was that the "Fat Fuck" Danny had taken the money meant for editing, spent it, and now had to rely on his friend Lew @ LP Duplicating to do the editing when he could squeeze it in between projects.

On 5/23/2000 we were given our notice that our services were no longer needed, and he then in turn put stop payments on the checks that he had sent to us earlier, and has since refused to make the checks good.

We have since disabled all video streams for the gangbang, and have removed all content that was supplied by Tom Horst or Danny Carelli. Since then Tom has had gangbang traffic directed back to our sites, and then accused us of high jacking his web site.

To recap.

- The "event" was filmed over 2 days with a break between them - The event was filmed on 12/28/2000, and 12/27/2000 not 12/31/2000 as it is noted in the video that people have seen - There were not 2000 any things - Danny was not #1999 as claimed on Springer - The tape is still not released as of 6/12/2000 - Sabrina was not paid her money as agreed (per Tom Horst) (according to Sabrina) - Tom Horst put stop payments on checks issued to us - now states on their opening screen " there has been a breach in security on this site" - yea gives everyone warm and fuzzy feelings and will make people want to join - not quite - Tom Horst now states that we do not have rights to the video stream on , but only on , but has not supplied it -Tom Horst is now stating he is going to sue of for "copyright violations" because of the photo's I took of Sabrina Johnson at the gangbang that he had asked us to take for publicity.

Danny is stating that he has been robbed, when it is he and his company that appear to be doing that to others. XXXeZone, and myself have always maintained the utmost professional stature with regards to dealing with this site, and when it became clear that the other parties were not handling things in a professional or ethical manner they (Tom Horst / Danny Carelli) canceled their contract.

There are many aspects I wish I could speak about, but our contract states that we can not discuss the financial side. The only thing I can say, is that I am glad I was not the people investing in this (what has turned out to be a) sham.


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