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Carmen Hayes Interview

wants to be the black Jenna Jameson

--Gene Ross

Porn Valley- Sports Swami spoke today to Carmen Hayes who's with L.A. Direct Models, www.ladirectmodels.comHayes made mention of a co-hosting gig she was doing at the Century Club. [She may have been referring to a gig from last week since Swami's shows are taped often a week in advance.] Hayes said she was also going to be at AEE for autograph signings and just got back from Germany. "Things are looking up."

Hayes was there for the Venus Fair in Berlin recently. "It's just as big as AVN," she reported. "I was signing for DVSX, Hayes said she would also be signing for the company at AEE.

Hayes said the food was great in Germany. "And the people there, they love black women and I loved them for it." Hayes had never been to Europe before and said it was a great experience for her. "I became popular over there and they were requesting me and my movies. The company thought it would be a great idea to take me along."

Personally, Hayes thought it was a good idea on their part. "I'm a very bubbly girl, so I went and did my thing and made sure everybody was happy." Asked how the Venus signing came about, Hayes explained that it was arranged by Sun [who's no longer with the company] and that the owner is Alex Ladd. "They were interested in having me. I had done a few films for them. I guess they were really impressed with my energy. Because when I go in there I try to have a great time. It was one of those things where they felt my energy would be appreciated there."

Asked if there was any contract talks in the wind, Hayes said she wasn't ready to sign any. "I'm just flying solo right now." Hayes, however said she would be willing to sign pretty much for most companies that she's worked for. "Pretty much all of them are pretty great."

According to Swami's info, Hayes as sights on becoming the black Jenna Jameson. "You want to be somebody who everybody knows; everybody talks about. How do you plan to do this?"

Hayes said she'd have to come from a different approach. "That's for sure. The way her angle came I sure can't use that because it's already played out." Hayes said she would have to use something that gives her an edge. "I'm a contortionist- I'm using that as my trademark." Though she's been entertaining several offers, Hayes thinks things will really break for her in 2005.

Swami suspected that with the extent of Hayes's size, bust and curves, contortions might hurt. "It doesn't," she said. "I was born this way." Hayes said she discovered her talent almost by accident when she was watching a TV show featuring people who could do "amazing things," and she did them as well. Perfecting the art, Hayes went on to take gym classes. "I just learned how to control everything." Hayes said she can bends her limbs anywhere and it doesn't hurt. "It doesn't feel like anything."

Swami also noted that Hayes's first set of pix on the Direct Models website portrayed her as a badass biker chick. "Now you have the elegant look- the hair has changed. It looks like you've lost weight." Hayes admits that she's come a long way from when she first started. "I didn't even know if this is what I wanted." Hayes said she started taking it more seriously that this was going to be her career- once she got the blessing of her parents.

"I was going to take it full force. And it's just great." Hayes said she loves what she's doing, the freedom of it and the fact that directors allow her to take it in the direction she wants. "They let me be me."

Swami was curious how Hayes went about getting her parents's blessing to do porn. Hayes said her father is a Leo as well as she is. "He's also open-minded." Hayes said he came to her one day and asked if she was living a double-life. "I knew it was coming." Hayes's father told her he was watching the Adam & Eve channel and Playboy. "He saw a girl that looked like me. Oh my God, this looks like my daughter. Me and him have the same, exact nose. I cannot deny that he is my father."

Her father asked her to tell the truth but she couldn't fess up to it just then. "One day he took me to dinner. He started talking and said whatever it is your doing I'm proud of you and I love you. As far as I'm concerned if you're not ashamed of it and it's nothing that's going to put you in bad health, then I'm all for it. He has my back all the way."

Hayes also said she's a nice person. "I like everybody- as long as you like me back. I only bite if you bite. But I do have a little domination in me. People say bossy. I guess it's that Leo tendency in me. And I like to be in control of everything."

Asked how her mother deals with her career, Hayes said she thought her mother might take it harder than her father. But her mother reacted favorably, or as Hayes quotes her: "My daughter is still my baby and she's still the apple in my eye. Whatever she's doing she's a grown woman and should be able to do it." Hayes laughs that it doesn't hurt paying her mother's utility and rent, either.

Hayes at 23 said she'd like to get a 10 year run out of this. "Life is good." Swami quoted Kitten and Sinamon Love as saying it's been a struggle to get more African-American women into the business. "They said a lot of them aren't cultivated- their beauty isn't developed."

Swami asked Hayes if any outside forces could be credited for cultivating her look. "You can rival almost anyone in this business they way you look, the way you are built." It was also pointed out that Hayes was all-natural. "I'm cursed," she laughed. "I didn't ask for these things. I got them from my dad's side of the family." Hayes said women from her father's size are like double-F's and O's. "They're really big and heavy set, too. I guess I took over that side." Hayes also points out that both her parents are naturally skinny. "They both used to run track."

For her part Hayes said she hasn't worked out in three years. "I'm maintaining, I guess."

As far as developing her career, Hayes credits Kitten, Jada Fire and Derek at Direct Models. "And Mike Sullivan, I give you a shout-out." But Hayes says 100% of the credit goes to Vanessa Blue. "Vanessa Blue is the reason who I am today. She found my identify for me. She found something in me and brought it out in me. It's what I love and what I like."

"Vanessa Blue is the wife of Lexington Steele," said Swami. "Why is she so big in cultivating who you are and helping discover who you are?"Referring to comments earlier about how tough it is for African-American women to make their mark in the business, Hayes says Blue came through for her.

"She was the one that when I was doubting this and not knowing if this is what I wanted to do, she said, you know what girl? You have that edge. You have something that people don't have. You have a talent- a bizarre talent that a lot of people can't do on camera and you have big natural boobs which a lot of people like. And you have a nice little round butt and you have this outgoing personality and the tendency to be a little domineering and that's what we need."

Hayes said Blue was very motivational. "If it wasn't for her I wouldn't even see myself in that way." Hayes said she's shot a few times for Blue and Lexington Steele. "And I've been on their show Lex and the City. She just showed me the ropes. She showed me how to take a grasp on everything. She showed me how to talk to the directors. She showed me how to talk to everybody and socialize. She put me in the direction of who to talk to. She was the one who put me in the direction of L.A. Direct. I wouldn't even know nothing about L.A. Direct if it wasn't for Vanessa Blue."

Hayes said she gets along very well with the other African-American women in the Direct Models stable as well. "We go out, we hang out. We do everything together." Besides Blue, Hayes considers Jada Fire one of her closest friends. "They always have my best interests at heart and I always have theirs. We all get each other work. We're always referring each other so it's never a rivalry-thing. I want all of us to be on top. If it was up to me there'd be a lot of black girls really making it big in this business."

Hayes says she understands the reality of the business where white women will get the push over a black ones.

"I am frustrated with that. But, realistically, the world isn't built around just beautiful, luscious white women. It's also based around black women, Asian women- there's different nationalities for God' sake. There's so much to pick from and not everybody just wants to see a blond. There's got to be some type of versatility here. And that's all I'm asking for. That's all any of us are asking for. We don't want to come in and just take over. We just want a piece of the pie, too. We want to be on their level. We want to be accepted as a woman who is talented with natural beauty. Not as a black woman or as a white woman. We should all be on that same level. They shouldn't have to put us on different calibers. That's the only thing I have a problem with."

Swami asked Hayes if she's in that know your role and shut your mouth niche or whether she can register input with her movies. Hayes said she didn't have that problem. "The directors are great with me. They let me do my own input." As far as hood slang titles go, Hayes said she has no problem with them, either. "I think it's kind of creative how they make up these words. Since Ebonics is part of our civilization I don't see anything wrong with it. It's part of society. I don't get offended real easily anyway."

And far as her personal tastes go, Hayes says she loves white guys. "I have love for them and I have love for the Euro-guys, too. There's no color lines with me. I'm half-Irish and half-black. I can see both sides. It's all good."


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