READER MAIL: Victoria Violet Mayers working Las Olas BLVD DRUNK

I was out drinking on Los Olas BLVD last night and was approached by a fat black drunken women with black spandex pants and a huge fat saggy butt in a bar and asked if I was looking for company. She has a HUGE hooker purse hanging over her shoulder and a see threw shirt on showing her small saggy titties with big ugly brown droppy nipples. She had a very bad smell and was very loud, rude and drunk. I said no thank you to her and that I was happy sitting alone and she started to harass me asking me why I was sitting alone and if I was gay. She said that men shouldn’t come out to a bar to sit alone and that we were taking space up for guys that could be looking for working girls like her and we were costing her money.

To my surprise she then said she had a sister named Alex that could join me and her in some fun at which time I said no thanks again and that made it very clear I was not interested. She then said her mother Joan was her body guard and that sometimes she partied with her and customers. Wow what a piece of work this street walker was!

She claimed to be a local and know everyone and have many “mafia” connections. She said she also had friends in the Broward county court house!!! She then ordered a drink and told the bar tender that I was paying and forced me to pay for it very rudely. when I didnt believe any of what she was saying she then presented her ID at which time I saw her name was Victoria Mayers. She also said she milks the government for every penny she can get and that she collected EBT, Welfare, Housing vouchers and more.

I googled her name and found all the many post on this website and others about her and was shocked. I also found all the post on her sisters many websites and social media accounts about all the people she is jealous of that she stalks and harasses online like Donny Long. I did notice that her Twitter is private but all her other sites, blogs and social media accounts were alive and well. Instead of her at home taking care of her child she is out drunk at a bar harassing men like me. This women belongs in jail! Copy this post to other sites and warn everyone in the area.



  1. Around a few months ago at the Pornwikileaks website, I uploaded 2 posts listing 70+ reasons why Monica Foster aka Alexandra Melody Mayers sucks which includes having a few rare “W’s” over Mercedes Carrera, Ben English, Nacho Vidal, Suzy Spark, Monica Mattos & Mark Zuckerberg!

    By reading this post along with the other post that marked Victoria Violet Mayers & her mother Joan Rucker Mayers as pedophiles, Monica Foster aka Alexandra Melody Mayers is literally in the same negative mentally ill aura as Mark Zuckerberg & Nacho Vidal!

  2. This whole family is a bunch or criminal loser scumbags including faggot gay child rapist Ivan Leacock Mayers and they all belong in prison cells. Alexandra is the cause of ALL of the postings online about them because she doesnt know when to shut the fuck up and accept the fact she LOST! To this day she is STILL trying to win a battle she lost and can never win by posting her libel and lies about people she is jealous of within the porn biz.

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