Real Owner of Finally reveled?

So for over a decade now everyone wants to know who really is the man behind PWL. Who was the original creator and who owns it now and how many times has it really been sold if ever, right? Well since day one, since the site targets crossover gay talent that work in straight porn and calls them faggots and doxes there families and real names with hard truths, the gay mafia hate the site and have always blamed a person that openly kicks and hates on all the gays working in straight porn. Who is that you might ask? A person that was more successful than just about anyone in straight porn, DONNY LONG! Yea I know bla bla bla you have heard all the rumors about him but facts are facts and he has debunked all the bullshit lies about himself that the gay mafia has been putting out through the years.

Anyways Donny Long has always been blamed but it has never ever been proven who owns PWL. Even when Mike South and Sean Tompkins tried to say there was a court order and that godaddy gave up the whois it came out that, AGAIN that was all a lie and that the document released from Mike South was more fakenews photoshop.

So if Donny Long doesnt own it who could? So all of us old timers in porn know Luke Ford that use to own lukeisback, an adult news website that the gay mafia bought and ran into the ground and now nobody reads it or goes there now. Someone in the business told me that there is a rumor going around that Luke Ford is the real creator of and owns it to this day but is tired of it. So i did some looking around and a while back but nothing ever came of it, but after just seeing post an interview with Luke Ford and Monica Foster aka Alexandra Melody Mayers I started to look at Luke’s youtube channel and watch some of his videos here

What I saw and found is pretty shocking but before I say anything I want you all to tell me your thoughts on this idea that Luke could be the big dick behind PWL kicking the gay mafia? Could it be him and why and why not? Comment below. If anything else I bet he is a huge anonymous contributor to PWL like so many others.


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