Rebecca Bardoux Blames Me for Her Career Failings

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Rebecca Bardoux has an Internet show on Friday nights. Last Friday, Bardoux took a couple of pot shots at moi though not by name.

One can easily make a connection between what Bardoux said on her show and an interview she gave Luke Ford many years ago because she pretty much said the exact thing. At the time Ford wrote:

“Rebecca found critics vindictive. ‘If you aren’t always friendly and interested, they often take it out on you in their columns. If I’d kissed Gene Ross’s ass [of AVN], who knows where I would be today,’ she says.”

I ask, how do you spell hallucinatory?

Still waters apparently running deep, Bardoux was upset that I reported on her affair, a la Demi Moore, with Mike Kulich of Monarchy Distribution. He’s a man half her age.

In fact Bardoux called me the day after the story was posted to say that the facts as I reported them were completely inaccurate. Even though Kulich emailed me to say while he wasn’t exactly thrilled that this got out, that I was right on the nose with my account. However Bardoux wouldn’t provide me her version over the phone because she said she didn’t trust me to get it right.

Fact is, it’s on these occasions that I whip out the trusty tape recorder just so no one can come back and claim they were “mis-quoted”. By the way, Bardoux never provided the email she said she would correcting the “mistakes.”

However, on her Friday show after stating that Michael Weinstein of AHF should get a “really good boy toy to keep his cock occupied” Bardoux then mentioned how she went on her Twitter.

“And I cleaned out who I follow,” she reported. “I cleaned out my news; I’m now following real news.”

By cleaning house, I assume she meant me.

“I realize now after all these years- I look back on my career and I had some time to reminisce,” Bardoux went on to say.

“I realize that there’s people I should have fucked. Because if I would have fucked them, they would have liked me. You’re a porn star. If you’re a guy in the industry and you know you’re doing this and reporting this and you want to fuck a girl and she doesn’t want to fuck you, then you can be mean to her. I would suggest for all these girls coming up, girls, I know it sucks some time, but just fuck ‘em. It’s really worth it in the long run.”

Now there’s some real classy advice coming from a porn veteran.

Bardoux’s Ed McMahon – the gravel-voiced Broadway Joe or NY Joe, whatever – then asked her, “I might be misinterpreting that, because you didn’t fuck somebody or fuck a guy, whatever, in the industry, that you kind of got blackmailed to a degree?”

“Oh sure. I’m sure that’s what it is,” Bardoux stated flatly.

“Those kind of people suck by the way,” added NY Joe who’s not even remotely a part of the adult business to even begin to comment on its inside doings. Though I’m sure he could tell you about the price of bananas because he works for a New York food chain.

“Everybody wants to be known as saying I fucked a porn star?” Broadway Joe then concluded.

“I think so,” said Bardoux.

“I’ll stick with my XBiz and AVN. I’ll stick with the quality stuff out there,” she added.

What Bardoux either doesn’t know, or seems to forget is that I’m the one who took extra measures to help push her career along.

Bardoux who was already ten years older or more [depending what birth certificate she supplied] than most of the girls coming into the industry at that time, was seen as a B-lister, the little engine that could.

Because Bardoux was from Erie, Pa., and I was from Philly, I figured we Pennsylvanians should stick together, thus proving that the road to hell [or Pittsburgh] is indeed paved with good intentions.

Looks wise, Bardoux was no Brigitte Bardot but was seen as “a good little performer.” [Not my words.]

Hence, I nominated her for, well, Performer of the Year. I also nominated Bardoux for Best New Starlet but was shouted down on that one in the democratic process.

[I went through the same thankless procedure with Alex Jordan when everyone was calling her “horse face.” Jordan, whose life ended tragically in a clothes closet, won Best New Starlet thanks somewhat to my lobbying, history bears out. Nary a handjob was exchanged in gratitude and none was solicited.]

Where Bardoux gets this notion that I coveted her or had some unrequited desire for her body is beyond absurd. Even Bardoux can honestly say I never approached her on the issue. In fact, I defy Bardoux to tell me when and where our paths met long enough that we actually had a semblance of a conversation.

The only time I met Bardoux in those days is when she was hired by director Scotty Fox to play a character in a porn movie I wrote called Adult Video Nudes. The next time I ran into her was ten years ago in the Target parking lot on Ventura and DeSoto. We’ve talked on the phone a couple of times since then. Nothing more.

To bring matters up to speed, when Bardoux began blogging and interviewed Michael Weinstein during the Measure B campaign, I praised her for her budding journalistic career

Then again it’s not my fault that Bardoux dropped the ball abominably on her blogging and has posted, I believe, all of four stories- dull ones at that- since the beginning of October. I suppose she’ll blame me for that as well.

Bardoux, if you take a quick look at her Wiki page, has won no industry awards to speak of. So if she thinks fucking to get ahead was the way to go, she certainly did a lousy job of it.

But the comment I love best is Bardoux saying she’ll stick with quality stuff like AVN and XBiz forgetting [or ignorant to the fact] that I kinda wrote the book on adult industry reporting.

In the early days of AVN back in Philadelphia, I often filled that magazine myself cover-to-cover when AVN was close to shutting down and was nickel and dime-ing expenses to keep going. I suppose a lot of you didn’t know that AVN was near to going out of business thanks to a very bad decision to take the magazine news stand.

So if Bardoux thinks that news-filtered industry propaganda sheets are the way to go, she might consider the fact that, up till a couple of months ago, if a tree fell in the Bardoux forest, no one was around to hear it.

That is, until I, alone, took the initiative to write about her and her Friday night galas. Now, all of a sudden, Bardoux fancies herself the Barbara Walters of the business.

As was pointed out in last week’s AFYI wrap-up of news by Sean Q., Bardoux has also become porn’s Gloria Swanson.

Then, again, you’d have to watch the movie Sunset Boulevard to understand how Bardoux, like Swanson’s character, Norma Desmond, is this sad, gothic woman living in a manufactured past.

The comments Bardoux recently made on Lexington Steele’s show about fans keeping their distance from the “stars” seem to bear that out.

Then, again, I suppose Bardoux will take me to task for calling her out on that one.

[By the way, I used a tape recording of the Steele show, as I did Bardoux’s show, to make sure I got her words exactly. ]

When performers didn’t get extra tickets to the AVN awards for their buddies, it was my fault. When people got bad reviews it was my fault. When starlets didn’t get their perceived due it was my fault.

A man can only shoulder so much guilt, ahem, in one lifetime.

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