Rebecca Bardoux: Mike Kulich Told Me How He and Christian Mann Were Going to Start a Studio

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Rebecca Bardoux talks about how Mike Kulich would come to her house over the weekends.

“Most of the time he would make excuses that he was working,” she says.

“I later found out that he was partying with people in the business doing drugs [allegedly] with them. One time he told me he was in sober living and that he wanted me to come over and meet ‘Pops’. But that’s not his father. His father passed away year’s ago.”

Bardoux says there was one incident in a club when one of the women in the industry came up to her and told her to keep away from Kulich,

“‘He’s mine,’” she said. “He doesn’t want anything to do with you.” [Kulich is currently seeing Alia Janine.]

Bardoux said James Bartholet got involved in the TRO case and wrote a letter to the court on Kulich’s behalf.

“It was terribly written, it was a joke,” notes Bardoux.

“It said that Mike Kulich was a great guy and he’d never done anything to hurt me and that everything that was going on, I was making up in my head. Any evidence that Mike presented to the court about me was incomplete emails.”

Kulich has said that Bardoux had an emotional outburst in court.

“I never acted that way,” says Bardoux in her defense.

“I can give you all the transcripts; they are available. I would never in my life act that way. I don’t act that way. I went through hell with him. It was a very emotionally abusive relationship.”

Bardoux claims Kulich did things to mess up her head.

“And I was not in a good place to begin with in my life.”

According to Bardoux, Kulich allegedly told her how he and Christian Mann had spoken and were going to create a studio together.

“Mike was going to have me direct everything. I came to find out when I emailed Christian Mann, Christian Mann said none of that ever happened.”


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