Rebecca Bardoux Says One Thing, But Read This: Steve Orenstein Won’t Give Her the Time of Day, She Says

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In the rubble that has become their post apocalyptic relationship, Rebecca Bardoux is singing a different tune about Mike Kulich. Read this from earlier on in their relationship:

Rebecca Bardoux emails Mike Kulich: Hey Mike,

Things I just want you to know. You are everything I ever dreamed of in a man when I was a little girl. Whoever you choose to be with you is going to be a very lucky woman. You treated me so wonderful, you made me feel proud of who I am, because you were proud of me. Your so real, which is hard to find.

Because of my own issues, which I am working through with a great support system, I reacted in the wrong way with you. I am far from perfect, even through I play perfect in my career. I stay positive through it all these days, either that or end it. That was the choice and I decided to stay positive.

Something I have been living with for the past year, no one know, not erica no one. I can’t work in the real world and have found no one or nothing in porn (which is my life and love) that is willing to give me a shot or even cares.

Stevie O the owner of wicked used to be such a caring friend when he was excitement video, before Wicked… he wont even give me the time of day. I didn’t want to tell you this, I didn’t want you to think I was a gold digger. I am not I have support myself all my life. Don’t think people in the biz would label me that at all. All they saw was me alone on my own. I could be wrong, it you know different tell me.

So, that’s it…..fuck my car isn’t even registered, that last guy drove it around and left me with so many parking tickets on the VIN, never told me and the fees are sky high now. I didnt know, but I keep my insurance on it. Just dealing with going to DMV and finding out this shit made me sick. So, been traumatized by that, I can’t face it.

I can’t handle one more man leaving me. I know your on your way out, I see all the signs. We don’t need to talk when you get back. I fucked up, I got overwhelmed and I fucked up.

Wish you so much luck. You rock…….

I am going to fall out of it all. Can’t bear to see you rise and watch what I fucked up

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