Rebecca Bardoux Says She Has Emails and Documents To Prove Everything She’s Been Saying About Mike Kulich

Rebecca Bardoux says she has hard copies of emails and other correspondence to back up everything she’s been saying about Mike Kulich. She also writes me the following:

“The whole situation started with him when on April 13, 2012 during our phone conversation I told him I wanted no more contact with him. His fear was I would tell his story to everyone in the industry and he would be found out. He stated that in an email I have. Before that it was all emotional manipulation from the moment I started talking to him. As he does with everyone.

“He has called the girl that confronted me at the club a fat whore in a text. He also said months earlier that she was a slutty whore because she told him she would give him a blow job if he put him in one of his movies. At this time I did not want to release the name of the this girl. If may be a little too much to read that her verbal attack on me put me in the attempt position that night.

“I know she does not like Mike any more because he was doing the same thing to her. I am sure she has her own story of her time with Mike. He was also carrying on a long distance relationship with a girl in Connecticut while we were together, and hitting on my friend via internet at that time as well. That is another crazy story about him. All this information I can get statements from these women. I am sure they will be happy to talk to you!”

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