Rebecca Bardoux: “XRCO, everyone’s talking and talking and no one has respect for anyone on stage”

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Rebecca Bardoux learned the first lesson about being a comic in Los Angeles. The adult industry is a tough crowd.

Bardoux on her Internet show Friday night talked about appearing at the XRCO in a comedic capacity. Some will argue there’s nothing new there. Bardoux, evidently, couldn’t be heard above the noise in attempting some stand-up material.

“XRCO, everyone’s talking and talking and no one has respect for anyone on stage,” observed Bardoux.

“At The Comedy Club everyone was respectful.”

Bardoux asked how could you talk with no one listening to you. Diane Duke might be able to fill her in on that.

In any event, Bardoux thought Ed Powers and Misty Stone did good jobs as co-hosts in spite of the crowd din. Bardoux made mention how the club opened the doors to the fans at 11PM.

Bardoux said she needs to address the fan issue.

“It’s getting too crazy. I was talking to my friend, and some guy who wasn’t in the industry came up to me and he started talking to me about me being old, and a granny, blah, blah, blah.”

Bardoux wondered if this was the same fan who’s been harassing her online.

“I guess it’s going to be my life,” she said.

“The world has changed, and it’s going to give me more material for jokes.”

“Mike Moz did a great job of putting the show together,” she also noted.

Bardoux said she had the honor of inducting Jonathan Morgan into the Hall of Fame. Bardoux, who made her comedy debut At The Comedy store appropriately enough on 4/20, again mentioned that the crowd there was great- “They were quiet and respectful. These adult people, there’s too much rudeness.”

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