Rebecca Bardoux’s New York Co-Host Likens LA County “Nobody” Voters to 10 Year Olds; Bardoux, called the “Pioneer” of “No” on Measure B, Rails Against “Backstabbers”

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Rebecca Bardoux has a weekly show on in which she interviews guests [this week she had on rock star Phil Varone] and comments about porn issues of the day. Which, in recent weeks have been mostly about “No” on Measure B which lost on the November ballot in LA County and Aurora Snow’s opposition to it.

This past Friday night, Bardoux’s co-host, New York Joe LaBarbera thought the Measure would be contested in the courts. As of yet, Diane Duke at Free Speech, has uttered not a peep on an update in that regard, although opponents of Proposition 35 have already obtained a temporary restraining order.

“The adult industry should make their own decisions whether there should be a condom or not,” LaBarbera feels.

“That’s basically it as far as I’m concerned. They should be the ones. Not the general public. It’s like a ten year-old telling you you’re not allowed to drive between…who the fuck are you? You’re nobody!!”

LaBarbera said he wasn’t going to get “upset” about it.

“It’s going to be a long battle,” commented Bardoux.

“To put this out there, we’re going to need more money. Everything costs money.

“We didn’t have enough time to get out there and do the things we needed to do,” Bardoux continued.

“We didn’t have enough money to do television.”

“We didn’t have enough money to do commercials. Everybody who worked on ‘No’ on Measure B did it from their own time, not from getting paid. I myself spent money and gas and everything. And if I had to do it again I’d do it again.”

“Talking about it every Friday here, you were on the radio stations out in Los Angeles. You were the pioneer or the one that was leading this forefront to try to eliminate it,” LaBarbera commented.

“James Deen was on your side…there were so many people.”

Bardoux added this: “There were very strong, strong people with a good positive image for the industry that were with us.

“Unfortunately there were some people who were trying to get their name out there. They’re running a campaign with us, and then they’re turning around the next day and backstabbing me personally.

“How can you be in a campaign together, supporting each other and trying to make this thing go through then you get on Twitter and start talking shit about someone that you just got finished working with” It’s ridiculous and that’s what pisses me off. We need to stand together. This bullshit, these people attacking people that they don’t even know. They have their own issues. You can’t do that.”

LaBarbera brought up the subject of permits that would be needed to shoot.

“I know some of the big companies out there like Vivid, Wicked, they got the money. I think if they wanted to they could fly someone to Canada to do a shoot. But what happens to the ‘mom & pop’ video production companies?”

Bardoux feels the Measure would hurt everyone.

“Before we needed to get permits if you needed to shoot in a certain location, and all the big companies would always get permits for the day or as long as they needed to. But there’s a situation now where you have to get a yearly permits that’s going to cost in the amount of $60K or so a year,” she said.

“Nobody can afford that shit,” LaBarbera added.

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