Rebecca Bardoux’s Not So Secret Industry Ex-Beau, According to The Grand Vizier

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As Stuart Wall of Smash Pictures learned this week, not all publicity is good publicity.

Wall made a few comments to the LA Weekly about a parody of Fifty Shades of Grey which turned into a juicy lawsuit. All of which suggests, when talking to the press, ya gotta know when to zip your lip.

In another for instance of that axiom, Rebecca Bardoux was interviewed by in which the following question was put to her:

“With the good you have to take the bad, especially in this industry, which is known for its bad experiences for some girls. Have you ever had to deal with any of those bad situations?” Bardoux is asked.

She replies: “In 20 years, I’ve never had any troubles with anyone taking advantage of me. Then I got involved with Nightmoves and they asked me to help them plan their 20 year anniversary, by getting sponsorships and giving my input about the show.

“I worked on that for a few months. Then along comes this person. I had had a personal relationship with and ended.…he just started his own studio and I think he wanted someone’s coat tails to ride.

“He went to Paul and Tracy at Nightmoves and told them Monarchy Distribution would sponsor the show as long as Rebecca Bardoux wasn’t allowed to come down to the show, and they sided with him. They needed the money.

“From what I understand, right before the show he backed out of his sponsorship. I have been around too long and worked too hard in this industry to put up with nonsense like that. In fact no one should.”

Unfortunately, interviewer Troy Michael, being served a juicy, fat hanging slider of a comment, failed to connect by asking some follow-up questions. Instead, he switched topics.

Bardoux with her answer was obviously talking about Mike Kulich of Monarchy Distribution. Now, what caught my eye about the Bardoux-Kulich nexus [she’s almost twice his age] was not that mystifying response, but a more puzzling email Bardoux sent me last July after I had done a Tarot reading about Kulich.

Bardoux wrote: “No disrespect to you at all, but I think you need to check your facts on the life of Mike Kulich. He has been misleading to you and the industry.”

You get an email like that, you start asking questions. Here are some of the answers I found when I talked to The Grand Vizier who sees all and knows all.

Apparently Bardoux and Kulich started casually dating earlier this year, according to The Vizier. During the three months they were together Bardoux wanted to change her Facebook relationship status to, “In a relationship with Mike Kulich.”

“Kulich wasn’t keen on the idea, and they split up,” continues The Vizier.

Nonetheless Bardoux, says the Vizier, discovering Kulich was attending an industry party, left something like 50 calls and text messages for him. Some of the messages were apparently so dire that Kulich had to call her back.

When he couldn’t make contact, Kulich supposedly dialed 911 and told them that his ex-girlfriend had left a message screaming and crying and saying she was going to kill herself. He then gave them her address.

“Depending who’s telling the story, and I’m sure Bardoux has a vastly different version, the paramedics arrived, took Bardoux to the hospital where she was placed under psych watch. Bardoux later calls Kulich,” The Vizier continues.

“Kulich, I guess, feeling some sense of responsibility helped pay some of her bills and found a new place for her to live when her lease had expired. There’s a lot more to this story, but that suffices for the moment.”

Then a month or two passes and Bardoux emails Kulich telling him that she doesn’t need people like him in her life and that she thinks it’s best they stop talking. [I’ve been in this identical situation where I once helped a woman with her bills and she turned on me for helping her. Go figure.]

More puzzling, though, says The Vizier, is the fact that Kulich was served with a restraining order from none other than Bardoux. The restraining order basically said that Kulich shouldn’t be allowed at any industry events Bardoux goes to.

Once they got to see the judge, Bardoux allegedly claimed that Kulich had been abusive towards her and threatened her. As evidence, Bardoux presented comments made by Kulich on her Facebook page along with twitters and text messages.

“Kulich, for his part, had receipts, witnesses, and every voicemail and text message he got from Bardoux as evidence to the contrary,” says The Vizier.

Instead, the judge told Bardoux there was absolutely no grounds for a restraining order, that she should be thanking Kulich for saving her life and helping her. The judge dropped the case. He also made Bardoux pay Kulich for his time lost at work and all the court fees involved in the TRO.

“Knowing that a lot of industry stories amount to a bunch of BS, even a couple of nuggets of truth in this saga go a long way to explain Bardoux’s enigmatic response to the question interviewer Michael served her in that interview,” The Vizier tells me.

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