Referencing Jerry Sandusky, Rob Black Suggests That Bill Margold’s Talk About “The Kids” Is Very Disturbing

Rob Black urged his listeners to be quick about calling in Wednesday afternoon because Bill Margold seems to think he’s going to internally combust.

“He’s telling me he’s going to debate me on my show,” Black announced in mocking tones.

“I’m not allowed to swear. It’s my show but I’m not allowed to swear,” Black chuckled, reading the Margold quotes off of AdultFYI including the fact that Margold did an interview with Rona Barrett in which it was construed that he’d work with his daughter in porn.

Margold says he meant it one way, that he’d direct her in a movie, but it’s been taken to mean he’d have sex with her.

“Bill,” continued Black, “you said Rob Black’s got to go. I said in my PBS interview let’s fight the government. Isn’t that Deep Throat play you’re involved with about fighting the government?”

“Bill, you don’t want to fuck your kid, but you’d let other guys fuck your kid? Let’s do an anal train on her!”

Black also took Margold to task for being a staunch defender of John Holmes although Holmes did movies in Europe at the end of his career in which he knew of his HIV condition but didn’t let on.

“Come on Bill,” said Black, “would you have defended John Holmes taking that massive 12-inch cock and sticking it up your daughter’s tight, young asshole?”

Black also brought up Jerry Sandusky and how Sandusky in interviews, references “the kids.” Black suggested that Margold’s PAW organization might have similar notions with Margold’s talk about “the kids” in porn.

“Even Paul Fishbein in a conversation with me said he thought it’s disturbing that you refer to porn performers as kids.”

Black said he’s going to make Margold his bitch, hit him on the nose with a newspaper and make him shit in a corner.

“Is PAW non-profit?” Black also asked.

“Do you have to report where that money goes? I wasn’t a rocket scientist who gave up a job there to have sex with girls. I’m the dumb guy. I’m uneducated. Tell me.”

“I can give you a list of women right now who need help,” Black continued.

“Why aren’t you helping them?”

Discussing Margold’s car washes, Black asked where the money’s going.

“Is that money spent on Papa Bear, buying bears and going to Thailand? I don’t know. But when I’m listening to Sandusky talking about ‘the kids’ and giving them a hug, I’m not saying anything except that it’s weird, man.”

Black urged Margold to call-in.

Black, noting that one female performer in particular was bordering on homeless, also asked his listeners to call in if they knew of any female performers who have been helped by PAW.

“You’re a punk, Bill,” said Black. “You give girls bears.”

Black said Margold had the audacity to address him at John Leslie’s wake by telling him he got what he deserved [prison].

“Explain to Gene Ross why you would say that at a wake.”

Black basically took a when hell freezes over attitude whether he’d subscribe to Margold’s ground rules about a debate.


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