Regulation Wars : Rob Black Explains How To Win Porn’s Biggest Battles

I’m gonna give the people out there and the powers that be some free advice.

We keep hearing about the condom mandates. We keep hearing that porn performers are employees. Don’t we all keep hearing that? Porn performers are employees and as employees studios need to provide them with tests and they have to wear condoms because they’re in a workplace environment. They can’t be subject to workplace hazards as employees and employers have to follow certain mandates.

Now let me give you all a bit of advice. A word to the wise. For 149 dollars, this argument can be nipped in the bud. You can go to or For 149 dollars every talent in this business, for less than the cost of a single STD panel test, can be incorporated. They can form a California corporation and guess what? They are no longer employees. They are now officially corporations. No studio would be liable to pay for their tests because they are no longer employees.

In one fell swoop you could shove your fist up Mike South’s ass, shove it up the city’s ass and cut their legs right out from under them. For less than the cost of an HIV test that everybody says the studios have to pay for, every single one of the working talent, not talking about Mike South’s ratchedy bitches who let untested hillbillies splooge on them, but actual working talent in California could form a corporation. I’m talking about the Tasha Reigns, the Remy LaCroixs, I’m talking about the Asa Akiras. That talent. For 149 dollars they get incorporated and you can take your testing mandates and wipe your asshole with them.

It’s so important for the talent in this business to get good advice. The biggest problem with Free Speech Coalition is that they could be helping the adult business, but they don’t. This is a thing that could help the business. You educate performers how to get incorporated because now you eliminate a whole army of bullshit and you make this business safe.

You really wanna have performer choice and leave it up to the individuals? Once everybody incorporates, it is their fucking choice. There are no employer/employee mandates. You really think the State of California gives a fuck? Fuck no. Because once you become a corporation, you also pay corporate taxes. You’re now going to be a legitimate entity, not some low rent hooker.

We change the game. That’s my biggest problem with FSC and the powers that be like Steve Hirsch. We push back against an authority like the State who can’t be defeated. What we have to do is be clever. We have to think outside this porn box.

It’s like when Vivid and New Sensations pays talent and when they make 800 dollars and with taxes taken out the check is for $680. Then they say can you pay my corporation? And Vivid says yes we can. Vivid pays the corporation and then the talent is responsible for paying their taxes. Then the talent is responsible for their HIV tests. They are also eligible to get health insurance under a corporate banner. They can have tax write offs for their car that they drive. They can write off all their meals at restaurants. They can even write off when they go to the movies. Why? They’re actors and watching movies is research. The clothes they buy? They’re acting in those clothes.

Porn performers need to get educated. The problem with the powers that be is that instead of educating the talent and working with them, they keep certain people down and elevate others so they can grab more and more money. Plus, there are people who are just too stupid to be in their positions. Diane Duke gets way too much credit, she’s simply not smart enough to come up with all of the dastardly deeds she’s accused of. Christian Mann has been at the helm of losing company after losing company. All of a sudden, everybody thinks he’s this wizard genius who comes up with all these schemes with Free Speech Coalition to funnel money from account A to account B. This is the guy who headed Video Team. Bankrupt. He headed Metro. Bankrupt. Everything Christian Mann has touched has turned to shit, but people like Mike South and Tim Tritch are gonna make you believe that Diane Duke and Christian Mann are geniuses.

These people are not geniuses. They were handed an organization that was formed by Russ Hampshire, Pinky Stolbach and Lenny Friedlander that has some really great parties and golf events. That was somehow morphed into this great political arm that has done nothing but cause damage to the industry. Not by anything diabolic, but by their own incompetence. Being incompetent shouldn’t get you hung on a cross and crucified.

What really needs to happen is that what everybody complains about, Free Speech Coalition, needs to be done. The PASS system if fine, it’s a database that people can choose to participate in or not. What we need is a centralized testing system and a centralized database that is run like the Gestapo. People would really be under the microscope when they work. But that’s never gonna happen because the business is unregulated. That’s just the way it is and it’s never gonna change.

Instead of sitting around and running your mouth on a message board, deal with the fact that you’re never gonna stop a girl from shooting a scene on a cell phone camera and somebody taking that scene and selling it. You’re never gonna stop it. It’s kinda like the war on drugs. We’ve been fighting a war on drugs forever and everybody knows that it doesn’t work. All it does is keep the prison industry well fed. You put money on the streets for more cops, money on the streets to build more prisons, more money to feed the beast that puts poor people in prison for selling drugs because there are no jobs that pay because Republicans want to keep everybody down.

It’s just like our industry. You’re never gonna clean up something that is as natural as it is unnatural. You’re dealing with sex, something that is given away freely. You have girls on Craigslist giving it away for tickets to the World Series. Giving it away for trips around the world. There doesn’t have to be money exchanged. If a sports celebrity wants to hang out with a porn chick and he flies her to a game, they go to dinner, he puts her up at a hotel and they fuck a couple times over the weekend, is that prostitution? Or is that just a ball player hanging out with a porn chick?

That’s why the war with regulation can never be won. Just like the drug war. The more you fight it, the more you just feed the beast. You feed the machine. You feed the people who profit from the battle. And ultimately, nobody wins.

The sex industry won’t be regulated and it never will be regulated. Nobody can tell whether a scene was shot in a bedroom on Vegas or a bedroom in Los Angeles. If I shoot a scene and somebody says did you have permits and did you use condoms? I say no I didn’t shoot it in LA. How can you tell the difference? The white walls?

You’re never gonna regulate something that is given away freely. I’ve never had somebody offer to give me a car for free. But I have had girls who offered sex for free. You can’t regulate something that is unregulatable. You can’t regulate a situation where they come to a scene being shot and they say, “You’re an employee and this is a studio and you’re making a movie…” And you go, “Whoa, wait a minute. Time out. We’re all fuck buddies and we’re filming this because I like to have my own home movies. I’m not selling it. Now if you wanna take me to court and prove that I’m selling it, be my guest. But there’s no money exchanged here. We’re just having fun.” Now what? Now what do you say?

You don’t have anything to say, because the people who are in charge never think of these things. The people in charge are trying to fight people and a system that you don’t need to fight. You just have to be smarter than them. People in government, especially in Los Angeles, aren’t that smart in the first place. It’s that simple.

So this employer/employee work debate is a problem that’s easy to solve with a 149 dollar corporation. Then the State and the advocacy groups can all take their regulations and shove them up their asses. Free Speech Coalition and that whole brain trust needs to wise the fuck up. Party time’s over.

Think of me as your tough love parent who’s been giving you tough love for a year. Now it’s time to grow some balls, get some brains and fight back. God knows, the people who have been attacking this business have been giving us enough openings for us to knock them the fuck out.

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