Reload Male Enhancement launches Satisfaction For Women

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LOS ANGELES – Reload Male Enhancement has officially announced the launch of Satisfaction, an herbal sex enhancement product for women.

Reload Male Enhancement has skyrocketed to the top of the herbal enhancement market since it’s launch at the September ILS show in Las Vegas and has garnered both AVN and XBIZ nominations for Best Enhancement Manufacturer.

“Since I started Reload last year, all of our customers and even fans through social media have been asking repeatedly for a female product. We have been working on it for months trying to get the formula just right and the women who have tried Satisfaction out have been raving about their sexual energy and enhanced orgasms with this product. We have extremely high expectations for this new line” said owner Mike K.

Satisfaction’s scientific formula and premium ingredients include Kava Kava, Damiana, Yohimbe, Methika, and other natural enhancing herbs that will help increase a woman’s sex drive, desire, performance and also promotes natural vaginal lubrication and results in more frequent orgasms.

For more info on Satisfaction, contact Mike at [email protected]

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