Report Alexandra Mayers to the IRS for tax evasion

For the past decade or so, live-in Craigslist prostitute Alexandra Mayers aka Monica Foster, HAS NOT reported her earning into the IRS for her webcam performances! Webcam performers MUST report their earnings into the IRS like UBER drivers and everyone else who is self-employed. We have her SSN and we’ll give the IRS the websites that she performs on like Streammate so that they can audit these websites to judge how much she owes Uncle Sam! Knowing Foster, she won’t be able to pay them what she owes, so when she goes online to perform on webcam, the IRS will take a percentage of her earnings automatically.

This failed hooker, WILL NOT be allowed to make a few extra bucks to buy websites to stalk people and buy booze and drugs without Uncle Sam getting his cut.

Please file a complaint here: [email protected]

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