Report: Elexis Monroe an Ingrate? Has Anyone Heard of Health Insurance?

LOS ANGELES — This past November it was reported thatGirlfriends Films performer and director Elexis Monroe was diagnosed by doctors to have an abscess growing in the bones of her face, an infection resulting from bad dental work done years ago.

Monroe required emergency surgery to prevent facial disfigurement and the spread of the infection into Monroe’s bloodstream.

Monroe, the single-mother of a ten-year-old daughter, was without medical insurance. The cost of surgery was fixed at 20 to 30 thousand dollars.

Girlfriends Films owner Dan O’Connell, who shares a professional and personal relationship with Monroe, was quick to help.

O’Connell decided to produce a benefit movie, Lesbian Sex: Volume 10 in which 30 female performers would forfeit half of their fees, and Girlfriends Films would match each of those contributions.

The benefit video was slated for release in January.

Today, Jethro Bodine on his website reports: “In total over $10,000.00 was raised by Girlfriends Films and presented to Elexis in December, when she needed it.

“There was never any deal to give proceeds of the movie to Elexis, the idea was that the movie would likely only break even if that. Now figure the movie hasn’t even been out for thirty days, so almost no money has even been made anyway, it typically takes 60 to 90 days before the receivables start coming in.

“Out of the blue Elexis decides that Girlfriends Films should be sending her more money and starts a twitter rant that none of the proceeds from the movie were given to her.”


Monroe reports that she’s lost all hearing in her left ear. “Unfortunately I’m not getting money from sales,” she adds.

“I really want to have a Benefit/Charity Event/Party to raise some money for my surgeries and have some fun. Ladies, want to get involved?” she goes on to say.

By the way, I agree with Jethro when he writes: “I am getting really tired of porn chicks feeling that when they spend their money on weed, Coach Purses, ex convict boyfriends (take your pick) instead of HEALTH INSURANCE that somehow obligates the industry to bail them out.”

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