Report: Farrah Abraham a Lesbian Doper

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from – The Teen Mom turned ‘unintentional’ porn star Farrah Abraham is making the most of her time in Los Angeles – and spending time with her new peers of adult film.

Thursday night the 21-year-mother posed with Riley Jensen, a porn star and glamour model who specializes in tattoo modeling, as she smoked a hookah at the Viceroy in Los Angeles.

Days after her debut film racked up millions of views within hours of its internet debut, Abraham has been cavorting around Los Angeles without her four-year-old daughter Sophia, who was by her side when she was negotiating her Vivid deal.

As the days pass, Abraham’s tale of the ‘innocent homemade tape’ has changed.

Hours before retreating to the Viceroy hookah lounge with her 22-year-old gal pal, she admitted to radio host Nik Richie, ‘everyone is a prostitute sometimes.’

‘You hired a guy to have sex with you, that’s prostitution,” Nik told her, to which she responded, ‘I guess everyone is a prostitute sometimes.’

This came hours after Farrah confessed that she personally paid, with her own money, costar James Deen to make the private sex tape with her.

She said she wanted to film the intimate video with a professional in order to capture, for her own safekeeping, footage of her body at its best.

Rather incredulously Abraham insists she only sold the tape to Vivid for a rumored $1 million payday after Deen blabbed about making the video and she thought the porn would inevitably leak.

Abraham also says she likes to watch herself in the video.

At another point in the interview, Richie suggested the reality star get a refund on her breast implants and have a new pair done to replace her current ones, which Abraham protested.

‘My body changed and to me it was disgusting how I was after I had my daughter and I was very depressed,’ Farrah said.

Farrah told Richie she found her body disgusting after the birth of her daughter, and got implants to rectify that. She has also had a nose job and chin implant in recent months

‘I like my boobs end of story. I’m not refunding my boobs.’

In a second plastic surgery done earlier this year Abraham also had her nose done and a chin implant put in.

And despite its success, Farrah is insisting that Farrah Superstar will be her only porn movie and she isn’t that into sex anyway.

In spite of the very raunchy home movie and cuddling up to Riley, Farrah insists that she’s in fact just not that kind of girl.

‘Really, I’m not that sexually active,’ she told E! News.

Farrah shot to fame on an episode of MTV’s 16 and Pregnant and was cast on the first season of Teen Mom.

The series has not been renewed and Abraham says her next professional goal is to open restaurants.

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