Report: Mr. Marcus Was Driving a Super Bug

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Funny thing about that Mr. Marcus DUI story. TMZ broke it. I talk to people who talk to people who listen to people, and I heard a long time ago that TMZ was partly owned by one Steven Hirsch of Vivid.

So, if you happen to see a lot of Vivid stories on TMZ, that’s no coincidence. But what’s interesting here, is the fact that Hirsch offered Mr. Marcus a directing job. And this was AFTER the syphilis story broke.

What conclusions can we draw from that? That the DUI story is bogus and another one of Hirsch’s flights of fancy to keep his key players in the news?

Then there are the other people who talk to other people who talk to me who claim the story is positively legit, but that Marcus wasn’t driving a Hyundai Elantra when he got stopped by the cops.

I’m told Marcus was driving a Super Bug. Not the conventional Super Bug, but one that originates in Japan. They’re supposed to be exported to Hawaii in mass quantities in the near future, but AVN’s automotive expert Mark Kernes is already saying that story has been fabricated.

In any event, for car hounds I’m told this Super Bug will show up in California and will become the porn star method of transportation in the near future, and that Marcus has been road testing it.

Fact is, you don’t know what to believe, and here I was thinking that story about Rebecca Bardoux quitting her Internet show and not being fired was on the level.

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