Report: Tommy Sinopoli Is in the Hospital; The Battle for Laurie Hirsch

You knew you were being conned.

Rob Black said he got an “awesome phone call” Monday night.

“I thought maybe it was a joke.” Black reported that Chris, the program director in Wichita Kansas at station JCLU 95 offered him a job- $76,000 and change.

“I’m down for anything,” Black said.

Black was told his radio shenanigans were good. “But we got to see if you can spin a record.”

“This isn’t blog talk radio,” Black was told. “This is real radio. This isn’t chicken skit radio. We need for you to audition if you can spin records. You’re a porn guy. You can perform. I want you to go on your radio show and you audition for us.”

“I said fine,” stated Black. “If I do good with this job audition I’m out of everybody’s fucking hair. I won’t have to be this lunatic crackhead.”

Black was told the station needed a Casey Kasem kind of vibe, reading mail and doing shout-outs.

It was a set up, of course, as Black orated pedophilic obscenities in his best FM voice then played a rehab song. Steve Hirsch anyone?

Toby Dammit calling in said he worked for Tommy Sinopoli and Mike Esposito at Visual Images. Dammit said he asked Sinopli if he wasn’t seeing Canyon.

“Tommy said I don’t go out with a girl named Christy Canyon. I go out with a girl named Melissa,” Dammit reported.

Canyon would call and Dammit on on3e occasion was in a meeting with Sinopoli.

“We’re having an argument about a girl’s rate,” said Dammit.

“They didn’t want to pay anything.” Canyon called in, and Damnmit suggested Sinopoli to settle the argument talk to Canyon about rates.

“He threw an exacto knife at me,” said Dammit. “He’d drink Crown Royal starting early in the afternoon.”

Black clarified some time lines to note that Canyon also went out with Mark Carriere, a man who singlehandely destroyed porn’s price structure.

“Christy Canyon, I stand corrected,” yelled out Black.

“Christy Canyon did not know that Tommy Sinopoli broke up my dad’s office. Christy Canyon did not know that Tommy Sinopoli hid behind a Las Vegas pit boss.”

Dammit said he talked to Sinopoli about some of the incidents Black reported.

“Hey, I wasn’t involved with that,” Sinopoli told Dammit. “If I happened to be with someone when it happened, it’s not on me.”

Dammit explained that Canyon drove an obnoxious, huge boat Cadillac with a push button horn which was called the Bubba-mobile in a porn movie.

“I ended up buying it off of them,” Dammit said, noting that Canyon in her autobiography wrote that Tommy Sinopoli is a “dude’s dude.”

“It’s hilarious that your boss went out with Christy Canyon and you would fuck with him,” Black told Dammit.

Dammit recalled that Sinopoli and Bobby Hollander used to live together in a shitty apartment.

“A dude’s dude he was,” said Black. “He was fucking Christy Canyon.”

According to Dammit, Sinopoli isn’t doing so well and is in the hospital.

Dammit said he and Sinopoli have adjourning warehouses.

“I see him every week. But he hasn’t been doing so good financially. Tommy is an old school guy, but he’s never done me wrong. With Tommy you always knew where you stood. He would tell you something- you might not like it- but that’s the way it was. With Mike Esposito you never knew where you stood with him.”

Dammit reported that Esposito is moving to North Carolina. Black suggested that Dammit put on a party for Sinopoli before he dies.

Dammit set the record straight regarding the Bobby Hollander “wake” which I wrote about earlier today –

“It was me and Sharon Mitchell that put it together, but Tommy paid for it,” said Dammit.

“Christy always liked old school gangsters,” mused Black. “She’d say you don’t know who I know – one phone call, and I can have you killed. Amber Lynn probably said that 75 times. Hell, Buck would threaten to kill you.”

Black suggested the pre-death party be held by industry old school guys who’ll bust Tommy’s balls.

“Christy can play with his prick.”

Black also reported that a friend named Preston Ascot III from the Hamptons came over Monday night and told him he might get in trouble for pitching Laurie Hirsch.

“Don’t you think she might be taken?”

“She and Steven are going through a divorce,” Black explained.

“No, Rob there’s another guy in that mix. Laurie is seeing a hot shot lawyer named Howard. You think he’s going to let Laurie leave him and go with you?”

Black said he was willing to fight Howard bare knuckles for the love of Laurie Hirsch.

“This guy’s got power, He’s got influence. He could have you whacked,” Preston Ascot III told him.

Preston then got in his Lamborghini and drove away, said Black who said he heard that Howard was North Vietnamese. Black also talked about how he had ex-Army friends who suffered Vietcong flashbacks during moments when they’d play with rice.

“Howard who hangs out with those TMZ guys- fuck you!!” said Black.

“I’m going to split your head like a watermelon you little Vietcong cocksucker. We fucking napalmed you. But I don’t want to say things that will infuriate veterans who’ve died. You’re going to lay in the weeds like a gook and take over Vivid? Do you think Vivid’s going to fall under Communist rule?”

“We’re now going to have a business run on two fronts. It’s the axis of evil. Vivid’s going to be controlled by the Vietcong and Manwin’s going to controlled by Al Qaeda. Worried about condoms? Fuck condoms. They’re going to nuke this state.”

Black said Laurie Hirsch is like a watch which he’s going to stick in his ass until he gets dysentery.

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