Results of The third-annual “Sex Tracker Survey”: People want to See a Lindsay Lohan Sex Tape; Anal is Tops

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from – The third-annual “Sex Tracker Survey” of porn pervs is out today, and it gives us a good indication of who you (one-handed) Monday morning quarterbacks want to see getting it on via the small screen.

Your number one request to do a celebrity porn tape, by far, is Lindsay Lohan.

Yep. Seems like the American public has a thing for red hair and impaired judgement:

Because 72.6 of respondents named Lohan as their number one future porn star. Number two?

Jennifer Lopez. Clearly, 65.4 percent of you are tried-and-true ass men.

But (and we do mean but), the survey has a problem, as it doesn’t appear to be a scientific poll of random porn lovers but, rather, an online measure of people who decided to opt-in.

In any case, it does give us some idea of which way the salacious winds blow these days (and we do mean blow).

You know who you don’t want to see do porn?

Southern California’s own Octomom, Nadya Suleman, who actually did (solo) porn recently: Only 14.1 of respondents said they would pay to see her get down.

That fact was trumpeted in a statement by Vivid Entertainment, the porn giant that had been after Suleman to make a deal:

… Fewer have any interest in seeing Nadya “Octomom” Suleman in an explicit film …

(She ended up going with another studio).

Interestingly, people’s favorite porn categories included anal (first), girl-on-girl (second) and (MILF) in third.

So they’re saying JLo and LiLo together on film would be a blockbuster, huh?

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