Rhiannon Bray…Holy Jumpin’ Vagina!

(Burbank, CA) – There’s nothing like a good piece of cheesecake, especially when you eat it off of Rhiannon Bray’s adorable breasts.

Wankus and Thursday night CoHo, Katie Morgan, found that out last night on The Wanker Show, KSEXradio.com.

Bray’s visit was a two parter, (1) for obvious promotion, and (2) to accept the job as Thursday night host of Tales of Tail, erotic stories. She will begin next week, December 12th, and now joins Brenda Kelly, Ann Marie and recently confirmed, former Wanker Show CoHo, Heather Lyn.

After all the fun with food night, Bray performed a very sexy solo masturbation scene. “I don’t even have a vagina,” remarked Wankus, “and even I was wet!”

Her adorable personality and body can now be scene weekly on KSEXradio.com and you should also visit her fantastic website.

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