Rob Black Addresses Chip On Her Shoulder Julie Meadows; “You Are a Fraud and a Televangelist”

“People in our business that were fringe players, it’s amazing how they throw words around,” said Rob Black.

What Black was getting to was a controversy of sorts which started on The Moonshine website and was perpetuated on Julie Meadows’ website.

Meadows was asked, point blank, by an anonymous emailer what the position of Adult Performer’s Coalition for Choice, the organization Meadows heads, is on the John Stagliano story. Meadows got quite defensive in her response and attacked Mike South.

Black said Meadows when she was in the industry was a non-factor.

“Julie Meadows writes this cryptic letter that’s supposed to be a position on Stagliano, but she’s talking shit to Mike South and Nick East. I’m thinking what did I miss? I guess I am fucking stupid.

“Why is Julie Meadows writing all this personal stuff? I don’t get it. It’s an example of anyone in the business who is completely wrong and takes a side and when you point out errors, they single out the fact that you’re attacking them and making fun of them.

“So she’s tweeking out about an anonymous letter, but I don’t hear her gripe when someone anonymous is supporting her cause,” says Black.

“Nobody wants to talk about the Stagliano issue. This is disgusting that we’re giving her this much press. Want to talk about flunking out of porn? She was a B-list actress at best. She was a miserable failure in the business and is now speaking for it and taking money from what you donate to the Free Speech Coalition.

“Julie, you’re a nothing, a nobody and have no business speaking. You’re doing something because you’re getting paid for a side that no one thinks is worth anything. You’re crowing for a company that nobody thinks is doing any thing, any good. What have you done except profit off a business you were a failure at? You’re a nobody and now you’re a speaker for the business? Are you mad because someone points something else out?

“The comments made about her were very nice,” said Black reading aloud from South’s site.

“I don’t understand how that’s being mean. We’re talking about a failed porn actress. This is disgusting.

Assessing Meadows’ response, Black commented, “What did Mike South do that was bullying? I know some porn girls who are actually smart, and some people called you out and called you a bullshit liar.”

“You are fucking liar. How did Mike South bully you? Nowhere did anyone make mean comments about you. What Mike South printed was not bullying. You’re taking offense because you’re wrong and don’t know how to spin out of the fact that you’re wrong.

“So you’re mad at other people. Nobody attacked you, you jerkoff. You are mad because you are a liar. You thought you’d take a position everyone would rally around. You are now becoming famous for something you failed at. You are a miserable slob that nobody gave a shit about. You’re supporting bullshit, and it’s showing you are a fraud, a televangelist and you are mad that people are pointing out that you’re a fraud.

“You are the spokesman for APC4C. Bullying or no bullying you retard, if you are the spokesman for an organization that receives money to operate, if somebody asks you for comment on a hot button issue they’re not bullying or attacking, they’re expecting you as a front person for an organization that collects funds on behalf of fellow performers to comment on a performer that his hiding their HIV from other performers.

“Are you stupid? That’s what happens when a failed performer tries to become an activist. They become a failed performer activist. You were asked for your official statement on Stagliano.

“What I read is not an official statement – it’s a jilted girlfriend who’s upset because her former boyfriend posted the truth and you can’t handle the truth. You are a failed actress who’s trying to get some notoriety, but you can’t even latch on to an issue which is blowing up in your face.

“This is not about how your ex boyfriend Mike South hurting your feelings. You were asked for an official statement on the Stagliano case and all of the loopholes you have in your mission statement, and you’re calling it bullying?

“I thought you were educated. When you’re accepting money, people have the right to ask you for a statement. These people actually give you more credence for what comes out of your mouth. Give them the respect back to answer the questions, not ask why are you attacking me?

“’It’s all the gay-fags.’ I don’t understand. Mike South asked you about Stagliano, not Weinstein or Derrick Burts. Any spokesman for any organization that solicits money would have a generic answer in response, but you are so stupid you didn’t even have a response.

“Do your job. Is it that fucking hard? Instead you send a boyfriend break up letter. It was too hard to give a round about bullshit answer or state the truth. All you can do is attack people for asking a simple question.”

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