Rob Black Addresses Stoya, The Feminist; You All Got Your Endorsement Deals From Selling Your Bodies

Stoya wrote a piece about the condom issue for

Rob Black commented about it on his show.

“Stoya had a privileged porn star’s life and doesn’t qualify to talk about the condom issue,” stated Black.

There is no ‘choice’ and you know that, Stoya. You are part of a regime that gave you privilege and benefits, and I give you credit for acknowledging that.

“This is a hipster-douchebag talking,” said Black describing her article.

“Aurora Snow, you all have your same mantra- you’re a feminist and use big words. You are not a feminist. You realize that Chelsea Clinton would laugh in your face.

“You have this delusion that the world sees you as strong women because you use big words and talk about being writers and journalists. Aurora Snow was dating a hipster douchebag Richard Abowitz who works for The Daily Beast.

“I guess the feminist needed the guy to get her a job. You girls are feminists but you all achieve your endorsement deals from selling your bodies and listening to men. It’s pathetic.

“And that’s what I love about the women – guys can beat the fuck out of you, and you call it an empowering experience. ‘I can eat men’s assholes and I’m empowered.’

“Barbara Boxer would kick you in the ass, tell you to go back to school and come back in six years when you’re through with load dumping.

“Now you got Stoya, and Vice is your big writing career. Stoya you’re fucking some hipster-douchebag at Vice. Who knows what kind of weird Greenwich Village watching some guy playing a ukulele in his parents’ basement goes on there? These girls are manufactured intelligence. They’re not genuine.

“It’s not a genuine learning of world events. Being a feminist is a catchphrase. You’re either a skanky whore, or you’re a strong, intelligent educated woman who happens to suck cock and do escorts.

“You’re about empowerment and strong family and exploring your sexuality. That’s how the young girls in our business have been programmed, but they’re the same as that dirty-whore pig. You’re all the same thing.

“Strip it away and it’s some whore, pimp hooker and panderer all fucking. And cumming in a girl’s asshole seems to be what we consider art. And you’re all doing the same thing. Be as intellectual as you want, but is Jennifer White who does 50 man anal cream pie gang bangs any different than you?

“You take cum in your mouth and you spit it out. You’re a feminist. You’re not strong enough inside to get out of this business and find a real job. You’re all feminists, but you’re all sucking dick for money, and you all have sugar daddies.

“Everybody’s doing the same fucking thing and one side is shilling for the other. Would you rather be on the side of health and safety, or would you rather be on the side of death and destruction? Common sense would say health and safety. Where the fuck has anybody heard about big business promoting death and destruction?


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