Rob Black Again Catches Free Speech With Its Pants Down on the Seth Gamble Issue

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Now that the proof’s in the pudding Seth Gamble’s Tweets have lost a little of their brio and validity.

Rob Black on his show Monday afternoon, talked about his brief Twitter war with Seth Gamble over the weekend. As Brooklyn Lee and Seymore Butts have already learned, you don’t tug on Superman’s cape.

According to Black, Gamble tweeted him apparently asking, “What did I ever do to you to warrant such malicious lies?”

Black has done several shows on crossover performers. His point has been that Diane Duke and Free Speech talk a good game about health and safety, but turn their backs to obvious discrepancies in the system. Like crossover performers who do gay movies.

Black in his tweets to Gamble told him he was invited to come on the show and give his side of the story. Then Gamble, according to Black, deleted the entire Tweet history.

“I don’t get it,” said Black. “People are allowed to say what they want about me then they get all butt hurt because I play rough.”

“I said nothing that were lies or anything about Seth. I said I liked him. He did a good job in Iron Man. In fact, me and Axel [Braun] fantasize about passing him back and forth and licking our balls.”

Black said the fact that crossover performers have done gay movies makes them no different than Derrick Burts, The Free Speech Coalition’s favorite straw man.

“Seth is no different than Derrick Burts,” said Black.

“But Seth says I’m a liar, vicious and mean. I said nothing wrong and nothing malicious. He also did an awesome job Saturday Night Fever. Seth did an awesome job as Luke Skywalker. I have no problem with Seth- he did gay stuff and is no different than Derrick Burts or Derek Hay. But if you’re going to sit there and lie to the people, I’m going to call it out.”

Black said, as in Gamble’s case, people get hurt by truth, “and all they can do is call you names.”

“If you hate yourself, and you despise yourself, that’s not my problem. But all the crossover guys deny what they do. But the things they did are documented for the rest of their lives. Your son pulls out a DVD and goes, “Dad, you’re fucking a guy in his buttocks.”

“It’s hilarious how the gay crossover guys- we’re not allowed to mention they had cocks in their mouths. Using the Seth Gamble rationale, I’m completely confused on how it’s wrong and evil to bring this up when these dudes are crossovers. I used Seth Gamble and Ryan Driller as examples of what Derrick Burts is if you’re going to say how safe our business is. You’re all liars, and it’s a problem when the lies perpetuate.”

According to Black, Gamble’s other rationale in their weekend exchange is that he did gay scenes because he had tickets and warrants that needed to be taken care of, i.e., he needed the money.

“But how do you trust somebody who performs in risky behavior, and then you have to trust them with a flawed testing system? Okay, I’m not gay- I needed the money. But what if some rich queen wants to fuck you in the ass?

“If you’re going to do this, rather than be documented, I would hook up with some queens and be a hustler at a gay bath house. Do that instead of film. You people get upset when I call somebody out on it. I need the money? Here’s $500 blow me.

“Are you people insane? I’m saying something completely rational, but I’m being mean. If the business is fine with it, so be it. Whatever. I could give two shits. I would still use Seth but I would put restrictions on him with a 15 day test, a quarantine, and a condom.

“I don’t care if you’re going to suck cock, but if you’re going to be involved with my organization, you’re going to test by my rules and proceed with caution. No prejudice, no bigotry, no nothing. Butt fuck in each others’ face I don’t care. But if you work with my people, you go through my rigamarole. But people don’t like the truth.

“The issue isn’t about queers, fags, and homos, but the money,” said Black.

“Manwin and Free Speech are stealing from us. When you’re talking about safety and playing those games and saying the crossover crew is safe, it’s bullshit and a money grab. I’m not bashing gays. If Seth hates himself for being gay, oh well.”


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