Rob Black Again Shows Brooklyn Lee for the Idiot She Is

“There’s unbelievable pandemonium in the business,” Rob Black said.

“Because I’m honest and forthright Mike South and others try ways to discredit me. I’m completely convinced the only people that listen to the show are civilians and government people.

“They’re not from the porn industry because porn people are too fucking stupid to listen to my show. They can only take little increments of information.”

“What I won’t take lightly is a threat against my life,” said Black referring to comments made by Brooklyn Lee today.

“We knew there’d come a day where we’d have to sacrifice for a cause,” Black continued, noting that he’s been dealing with eviction notices, exhausting re-locations and black women screaming at him at 4AM for making noise.

“That process is not done. We have no Internet, and I have a piece of shit phone. That said I had three minutes for doing what I normally do for two hours [show prep]. And I’m still not caught up.”

[Mike South made some comment that I was afraid to run Brooklyn Lee’s email where she apologized to Lizzy Borden but maintained that Black is an asshole.]

“Doesn’t this show you how retarded Mike South and Brooklyn Lee are that they make stuff up?” said Black.

“Mike South, you look so silly that we would hide an email when it would give us an opportunity to go off on Brooklyn Lee. Gene Ross said when I beat up Brooklyn Lee on air it was the best radio ever. Why would we not run that letter? Mike South I know you can’t discredit me because I speak the truth on everything you talk about it.

“Mike South everybody knows it’s not even a good spin and you’re an idiot. Whatever. Me and Gene would love to run every shitty email because that gives us entertainment. Gene Ross wants me to attack people every day. He doesn’t want me to talk about issues. It shows you’re a manure shoveler at a chicken ranch somewhere where Larry Flynt would fuck animals. You’re worthless dogshit.

“Mike South the biggest ratings we get is when we ‘shoot’ on somebody. Everybody loves when I shoot on people. Brooklyn, keep sending the emails and attach your name.

“Mike South you need to stop showing how ignorant you are. You need to stop being ignorant and lying. Once again we welcome anybody who would like to email Gene Ross, www.gener294& Just put your name on it. We’ll run it.”

Black said Lee is retired, a non-factor and a shill for LA Direct.

“Brooklyn, once again you’re an asshole because Lizzy Borden and me both said enough is enough with you and it’s over. But you’re feeling irrelevant because Mike Moz’s future in this business is done.

“How’s it going over at Digital Playground? Brooklyn you do a routine here Derek Hay should be in jail but you’re entire career was at LA Direct. You would go to Dubai, a place where they sever heads, with Tasha Reign and fuck the Saudi prince.

“You are with Michael Moz the man who was beaten up by Stormy Daniels. That man worked at LA Direct. Mike Moz who is the right hand man of Derek Hay, he runs the LA Direct operation and his girlfriend is Brooklyn Lee.

“She’s part of a system that garnished her countless opportunities. Nobody ever heard of her, as she was pushed through the LA Direct system she worked knowingly with John Stagliano. She put herself at risk and worked with an HIV performer. She did all these things where she garnered a whole bunch of awards then comes out months later to notify us that hepatitis was bad.

“The business agrees we’re cool and we don’t want it. Brooklyn Lee was in retirement going back to school but she decides she’s going to write an op-ed to Mike South.

“You and Mike Moz are the two biggest hypocrite pieces of shit. You took money and a career from LA Direct and then you go on and say how they’re criminals. They’re criminals now but weren’t when you worked there? Do you want to do this all over again?

“You worked for LA Direct- I presume when you did Rodney Moore scenes where people actually know who he is- he’s just disgusting. When you worked for Rodney Moore were you with LA Direct then? That entire time, was LA Direct a scumbag then? Should Derek Hay have been in jail then? When you made money from his prostitution hooker were any of those contacts through LA Direct. I love it.”

“This is a girl so completely void of brains. What is this idiot going to do in college? Brooklyn, you need to sit down with your keyboard warrior in Texas, who you’ve probably fucked, you need to sit down with him, Moz and Spiegler and explain to me what I’m doing that is ‘deplorable.’? [Black confessed that the worst blowjob he ever had was from Belladonna so bad that he never released it on video.]

“That was deplorable,” said Black. “You’re right.”

“You’re just an amazing woman. You’re uneducated and ignorant. You’re poor white trash pretending to be something that you aren’t. Moz and Derek Hay cleaned you up and presented you to the world, but you’re just an uneducated escort. You’re an ignorant motherfucker.

“According to Brookly Lee anyone who’s had life experiences, I’ve now become ‘deplorable’ pointing the finger at everyone else.”

Lee talked about “a dangerous industry” in her email but Black was quick to note that she worked with John Stagliano and somehow finds it acceptable.

“Did you ever do a select private with Stagliano like Sheena Shaw who had secret rendezvous with John Stagliano. Did you have secret rendezvous? Since you know so much heath and safety, did you come up with stick the tip in parameters? Was it because LA Direct, i.e., Mike Moz get you that job?”

“Brooklyn, you’re so uneducated it’s pathetic.

“Listen, you retard, before me there was no one before me opening their mouths. It’s burning Spiegler’s ass that I’m telling people what I’m going to do and what’s going on in the business. You need to be educated. Just like when my wife begged me to do, I honored that and left you alone. I told everyone what was going to happen years ago. They knew it was coming. You can say I fuck sheep but I’ll never speak about you again.”

“Brooklyn Lee you seem to have an issue about putting people in harm’s way. I’m hearing that Mike Moz is going to physically harm me. I’m in a high profile position. All I’m saying is I’d be careful making threats. I’d be careful. I have a lot of crazy fans and Black Army members. I don’t think that Mike Moz and Brooklyn Lee are serious.

“As far as I’m concerned Mike Moz doesn’t exist. I’m done talking about them.”

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