Rob Black: All The Studios Try to Book Direct with the Girls

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Rob Black spent the better part of his show, Thursday explaining through word and example how easy it is for a performer to dump their agents.

“Sarah Vandella [pictured] was a Zero Tolerance contract girl,” said Black.

“She was somebody I used to actually talk to. Somebody I had lunch with and was going to do projects with. This is somebody that said I can’t leave LA Direct. Are you fucking serious? You’re a contract girl, everyone knows who you are- Sarah Sloan- you’ve been around forever. You’re an old war horse, now. A year later she goes to OC Modeling. I don’t get it.

“Sarah Vandella is not a fucking idiot. She’s not a retard. She knows everybody. I don’t get it. What is the self-esteem inside?

“’I know Sharman from Hustler booked me. I know Otto Bauer booked me. I personally know them. I’ve blown Otto and fucked him eight or ten different times. I know all that but why did I get a call from Fran to tell me that this is the day, this is my rate, here’s my money and make sure I give them there money.

“‘Who do I go along with, that, when I know when I get on set, it’s Otto how are you doing. Wow, I could have booked you direct.’

“I don’t fucking get it. And all the studios that are left all try to book direct with the girls. I don’t get it. If you’re fresh off the bus and get snarled into the pimp trap, fine, you’re not a dumb fucking retard.

“But if you’ve been banging around this business for a year and you sit there and go I need Mark Spiegler. I need Bud Lee. I need Kevin O’Neill to sit there with me at lunch and not tell me that John Stagliano is HIV; my agent sits with me and hangs out and shows me around with people I have no idea that are infected and are positive with HIV. And then they engage in sexual contact with me. You need that??!!

“You need it where you show up for work with Porno Dan and Derek Hay steps around the corner and says I’m your male talent. Or you need Derek Hay to call you and say I got work for you today for AMA Joe. Everybody remembers AMA Joe. All the movies were Joe Laughlin, AMA Joe, the hockey connection guy. Derek’s boy. All the movies were LA Direct girls and Derek. The girls were either with fat Joe or Derek. Derek would say here’s your scenes. You’re fucking me and you’re fucking AMA Joe.

“How is that right? I’m completely perplexed on that. And how nobody thinks that’s wrong- having your boss procure you work then doing scenes with you isn’t weird? I get it we’re in the sex business. But at some point the line gets skewed, and it’s a weird vibe and there comes a point where are you an employee or are you a girlfriend?

“If you’re a girlfriend then you have to be pulled out of the employee setting. And that’s even creepy. But you can’t run a business where it’s your playground you fuck every girl.

“Hey, I’m going to pay you a thousand dollars; I know I’m your boss, but I’m going to make you my girlfriend and I’m fucking you and you’re going to live in a model house. I’m not Mother Theresa where you go, uuuugh, that’s not right; that doesn’t look right or, uuugh, I know it looks wrong but it’s really not, because that’s not what’s happening. Then don’t do it.”

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